Monday, March 5, 2012

Open door. Close door?

How about throw away the door!

This upstairs hall way usually has my flannelet design wall across this shallow closet.  I did learn to store stuff I don't usually need in it as there is usually something pinned all over it. 

Friday I was kinda frustrated and when I get that way I need to DO something.  I tend to take things out on the vacuum and while I was working I was thinking.   The clutter in the house is bothering me.  I am also thinking  about ways to get things finished.   How can I do things better?

I can't say enough good things about blogging.  It makes me commit and then it makes me figure out how to make those commitments happen.  Mostly I trick myself.   lol

 I blog Monday to Friday as my weekends are pretty much taken up with family.   To have Finishes for Friday I need to begin to plan on Monday.  But I need to get busy on Monday, not plan things.  So when I Finish on Friday I won't be finished until I have the plan for the following week.  This also means I'll be blogging about what I've done not just what I'd like to do.  So while I will bead on Monday it'll be the theme for Tuesday.  Tuesday is the day I'll prep for WOW, Worktable On Wednesday!  Then Wednesday I can be busy on house stuff and finishing the goal for the week which posts Friday.  etcetera!

 All that creative energy made me want to tear the hall door off.  I decided the days of queen sized quilts is over and the design wall becomes the hanging place for UFOs which make me duck my head as I pass through this space.  Be gone!  The fashion fabric is not too fashionable any more so...  Be gone.   Stacks of books everywhere is becoming hazardous to the Rooster's toes!  Be gone.

 This closet will house the computer when we change to high speed.  This gives me a better idea of what needs to happen.  I'm all about form over function.  I'm not liking the visual clutter of the books so I did some more creative storing.  lol 

A quick fix, some improvement, still a bit too cluttered, but I feel better. I did pass the fashion fabrics quickly off to my daughter on Sunday as I was already starting  to have second thoughts about my first good intentions.    I am forcing myself to stay focused and this hallway is further down the to-do list.  I can however be thinking ahead to solutions to some of the things that will be needed to make this work.  I am getting a bit smarter in my great old age!  ha!

So this week my goal is to get the last of my stitching patterns done.  I've sliced up the last of my solid black fabric.  This is not real exciting but I'm sure I'm going to refer to these over and over again and I'll be sew glad I persevered.  I need to plan the beading class schedule, WOW what's on Wednesday's Worktable,  declutter something else and find something to play with.

Some people sweep things under the rug. I shove them in a drawer or closet and slam the door.  I think I'm going to open a few more doors and maybe even get rid of the door entirely.  Open doors are definitely open opportunities.


Dandelion and Daisy said...

I know the rug isn't the point of the story.....but I love the rug! And now I want a closet to take the doorr off of...oh, wait...I did that in my craft room but it doesn't look nearly as cool as yours!

HollyM said...

I love your idea. It is a nice focal point with the wood frame. I would definitely be afraid to take off any of my doors!

Createology said...

Well said Elle Dear. Your newly decorated de-cluttered shelves are very welcoming. I would think that putting away that design wall will be a huge breath of relief. Looks like you have a plan and will work your plan. Hooray for Monday beading...Tuesday...and so on...
Of course life will happen but you will be less stressed about it. Creative Hugs...

Mary Ann Tate said...

This week I'm going to do less blogging as I spend too much time on the computer as it is.... so I'll at least have something to show on Wednesday:)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

My internet is slower than your dial up today. I can't seem to unfreeze posts. I am glad you are having a better week, because it's been reboot, freeze, reboot, freeze here. And I don't mean the weather, either (grin). I do prefer decluttered shelves But I am a bit of a minimalist at heart, if not in practice.