Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Colour my world

There is a wee bit of colourful language as I pick up the momentum to organize more of my supplies.  I'm dealing with books and paper at the moment.  There was a few things that were shoved under my bed  in a moment of exasperation but I am determined to quit kicking stuff from room to room so I shamed myself colourfully  and I'm going back at it again.

I separated all my colours into groups and I'm trying them all on a cheap sketch pad paper.  This is a good exercise as I differentiate between colours.  Who knew that Phthalo Green was a blue shade and Phthalo Blue is a green shade???  I also determined that no matter how much water you put on neopastels they won't do much. lol  Now Neoart water soluble pastels are wonderfully juicy with the addition of water as are Derwent Inktense pencils.  And I think I like gouache paint better than watercolours.

The standard colour wheel is what I would be sharing with beginners in my remedial art class.  There are 3 primaries and three secondaries.  I probably need to try some custom mixes to get the last sections in place.

But the colour system that 'speaks' to me is the Munsell colour System.  It has five primary colours, red, yellow, blue, green and purple.  This of course changes complimentary colours but I do like it.   But first I got my examples of the five colours down on paper and I'll be giving the secondaries a try next.

A thought?  I wonder if I should be trying this exercise on fabric as well?  hmmmm


HollyM said...

I admire your dedication for experimenting with colors. I' m sure I would benefit from the same thing; I just haven't the patience. It's too much trouble tomakemyself a proper color wheel. The closest I got to organizing my colors was to make a sample chart that matches each pan color in my watercolor box!

Createology said...

You really have quite the colorful selection of mediums. I like your papers. The blues of course are my favorites. Only you would ask, "What If!". Have fun playing my dear...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Never heard of your 5-color color wheel before, but I guess it makes sense. and yes, I was taken with green being blue and blue being green when called Phthalo. That's why I was so fond of the book "Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green." It told about all the problems with colors as well as other things. Hope to see the color wheel when you have it ready next week.

BTW, I adore hostas. Read your previous post and glad you now like them. I brought mine with me when I moved. They are not only low maintenance, they are drought tolerant, and are the best plant I know for a genuine shade garden.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I like gouache better than watercolor, too. But, that's cause watercolor can be so difficult to control...too much like work but beautiful when done right. I've not ever heard of a five color color wheel, either, what happens to orange? You'll need to do another demo.