Tuesday, May 29, 2012

WOW- Gelli anyone?

Well, when the Gelli plate comes out of its package and lays on the worktable it looks about as exciting as sliced bread.  But I have to tell you that when the peanut butter and jelly is spread things begin to get very tasty and exciting!  And I don't even like peanut butter and jelly! 

I have the larger size and it is a bit pricey for a peanut butter budget.  BUT- it is worth every penny and you can always make your own jelly to stretch the food budget! lol

                                    I added cheap craft acrylic paint right on the Gelli plate's surface.
                                                I have it placed on an old glass cutting board.

I spread it with my brayer.  Two brayers are ideal as one is wet and one is or should be dry.

I began to create.  It isn't necessary to clean every time.  A little forethought helps though.

I had to stop and flap my chin back up in place sometimes!

And I began to move. Might be due to hyperactivity, just saying.   I had prepared various kinds of papers and some cotton fabric but I was soon avalanching paper and book piles in a grab for more.  Paint bottles were knocked over.  I stubbed my toe on a drawer that had not been closed after a search for texture.  No time for compassion.  Whoo hoo!

I tried a new rubbing plate.  Needs some technique tweaking but do-able.

      Plastic netting.  This was very cool and the net could be placed on something else for another effect.  The netting is still laying on the Gelli plate in this photo.  Later there is a photo showing the netting placed on another piece.  This worked so clear and sharp that I was flabbergasted!

 A Feather!  This is just how the fabric pulls back from the Gelli plate and leaves the feather with the paint under it.  The feather itself didn't make such a good second stamp image. 
Who cares!  Look at that first image!


Now if there is some paint left and you want to get the pattern one more time,  you can add a better, full bodied  white acrylic, brayer it and take another print.   I may be using too much.

 This is the second pull.  I'm learning to do the last pulls on vellum or tracing paper for a subtle effect.

The third 'pull' really shows the original before the white was added. I had used string on a bright green.   I'm not sure why this works but I can tell you that there needs be no waste with this process. 

                                                   These are some printed on very light paper.

                          I started with lighter colours.  I often went over the originals another time or two.

                                                                     And worked to the darker.


                                                         The top right was just cleaning my brayer!

The net with the paint that didn't get used was laid on this aqua and brayered down and the net transferred wonderfully.


The top left was some full bodied acrylic that I had pulled using large bubble wrap on.  I knew I'd get what I was after on the second pull so I used the white on the bubbles after I lifted it to press onto another  paper.  I was scrambling to find a place to do that and did it on the floor.  Not too bright but...

This amazing piece is that plastic canvas I got at the thrift shop.  I tell you, my heart almost stopped I was so thrilled, even with the smudged part!

The terms for some of these prints are direct print, indirect print and ghost print.
I have had an exhilarating worktable day!  

I hope my fellow Canucks are as exhilarate!

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Actually, peanut butter is beyond my price range lately, too. But I look forward to your play time. I am very sure it will be lots of fun, as long as you keep it clean or clean it after you make your monoprints. I swear you have inspired me!!

HollyM said...

I love mine. I always cut up a bunch of fabric before I start and then end up going back in a hurry for more!
Look forward to seeing your results!

HollyM said...

No, I didn't see all these. You describe the printing frenzy so much better than I did. I'm sure we looked about the Sam though. It is fun!

Susan J Barker said...

I had no idea what you were talking about, so Ihad to go back a few posts, then I did a google search.. Your description definately gives it that strange urgency that overcomes us sometimes. Looks so fun!

Createology said...

Elle I am overwhelmed at how fabulous and fun your day of Gelli play turned out. Fantastic results first time out of the gate is so rare yet you have achieved many of them. I can honestly see you scrambling for more surfaces to print. Gelli Elle...You Go Girl!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

OH OH OH!!!! I'm stubbing my toe with YOU! FABULOUS FABULOUS! I'm so EXCITED just reading! You're ELLEN and you're just a GELLIN' !!!! I'm so happy for you! Beautiful images and creativity just bursting all around. The feather is perfect for you!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

and in my excitement, I forgot to mention, what a fabulous post you wrote about this technique! You should send it in to Gelli Arts blog!!! XXO

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

It is so much fun watching you work...haha. It all looks great, but I love the feather...

Patti said...

I feel like I was there watching you in person! Absolutely amazing!

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

You have inspired me! I have wondered about the Gelli plates. The only experience I have had with using gelatin is when my daughter was in sync swimming and THAT is a whole nother story that apparently scarred her for life.... so the plate seems like a great investment. Thanks for doing my research for me! Super post!!

Ann Symes said...

What fun! Now I've added this to my to-do list of techniques to try!

Margaret Applin said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! I think I was feeling all the excitement right along with you!!! Isn't it fun and TOTALLY ADDICTIVE??!! Your prints came out FANTASTIC!!!! I want to see more!!!

Regina said...

Your post is so exciting, dare I check out Gelli plates etc.? As in "I don't have time for a new technique..."