Friday, May 18, 2012

The creamsicle crisis

Oh look what I found!!!

Now, I am not a car person.  I just like to arrive with no problems and reasonably clean.  So I don't notice cars.

But I screeched to a halt and ran out to photograph this gorgeous car.  I had dropped my daughter at her doctor's appointment and the grand kiddies and I were cruising the main drag of their little city which has the nickname of 'automobile city'.  Josh is all for it!  Go Gram ma GO!

I never even looked inside but the tag on the mirror caught my eye.  An easy number to remember.  $29,999.  yikes!  But maybe it gets great gas mileage?  It says it is a Roadster. A convertible.  But that is a hard top, and who needs the wind in my hair, but...  But I LIKE it.  Sheesh, mid life crisis happens to men.  I did talk to the Rooster on the phone and said I need $30, 000.  He said $30 WHAT!!!  I think he sank into a relapse.  His eyes just kinda glaze over when I showed him the 6 pictures.  He is the one who bought me my first cremesicle.  And we could haul DIY stuff in the back.  I'd drive, of course.  vbsigh  My hubby's name is Michael.  See just above the roof.       Not enough, apparently, to float me a loan! 

Nothing related to cleaning, organizing, creating or crafting.  hmm, maybe it is time to think about an etsy shop! 

Happy weekend. May you feel the wind in your hair as you coast down the highway of life.  Me, I'm choking dust on the back roads with the Rooster's very basic, 2 doors, no frills, standard shift, Accent.  I wonder what it'd cost to paint it cremesicle???


Createology said...

Now that is a great look for you Elle. And you could always carry the finds you make when out and about. Oh Yeah! You would look marvelous darhling in that hotrod cremesicle!!! Maybe you can barter some quilts or altered books for the price. Never hurts to ask.
Dreamy cremesicle weekend dear...

greelyrita said...

Think of all the art supplies you could buy for that much money! Cars rust and break. You already have the best of that car - the pictures. Feel better?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Looks like Mikey didn't like it $30K worth, though!!

Leanne said...

What fun, is that a newly made retro car? I think you would have a blast driving about in it.

Cheryl Coville said...

I can just see you in that car. (Or at least the picture of you up in the right hand corner.) It was meant for you. It may have a hard top but it's probably still a convertible. My brother's new car works that way. He's having a mid-life crisis right now, too.

Too? Did I just say that? :)

Monika Kinner-Whalen (MySweetPrairie) said...

DO IT! It's so you!!
My mother, 65 and 100 lbs with long hair and a cigarette always in hand (picture it) - drives a red car with white flames on the side! lol omg it's so awesome. lol


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

LOL I love reading your stories!! Nice ride!!!