Thursday, May 31, 2012

Creativity 101 off and running

Designing with dots is such an exciting concept.  My mind is just full of all the ideas I see and all the what if's...

I am very random.  Jenn is obviously more linear.

We did some doodling with dots on paper with markers after we'd moved the glass dots around.  I do think they really are dots because they are not balls.  They have flat bottoms.

And then we played with the Gelli plate.

We are getting into open circles here, but this was my most favorite.  I am so appreciating working with Jenn because she does things different from the way I'd do them and I hope we are learning from each other. 
                                                          It was an amazing day!


HollyM said...

You certainly have lots of imagination between the two of you! How did you do the open circles? I really like that one!

Margaret Applin said...

My favorite? Your reverse print!!!!!!

Createology said...

Your dots are captivating me Miss Gellie Ellie.

It is fun to create with another person or group as there are so many different ideas, styles and types to try. I think the open circles are my favorite also.