Friday, June 29, 2012


After watching some examples of mixed media journaling I determined to find better supplies so I could avoid some of the variables in my efforts to copy the same techniques.

Ranger products were prominent and I did a store search for my province and one of two places was surprisingly close.  So off I went and was appalled that they had N O T H I N G!  It isn't often I leave without buying some little thing to mollify my polite gene.  :( The owner was the sole person in the store and I still said sorry, I'm out of here. politely!!! lol  Nice store but I don't do die cuts or scrap booking.

I thought to stop on the way home at the tiny scrap book store in our own much smaller town.  The Prairie Scrapbook.  WHOA!  It was full of stuff I had seen on the internet.  I spent too much and I now have my own frequent shoppers card.  :O  The owner's mother kept giving me more tips and ideas!  I promised to return!

I also stopped for mail and got a package from my friend Margi at Scrap Wisdom Collage.  I met her when she was teaching for a month at 3 Creative Studios.  She has inspired me to try to do more.  I am learning PhotoShop Elements so I can learn to design my own art.  I won her pillow!  I ordered several of her screens and she says she'll be posting some ideas for using them soon.

Another inspiring friend is Leslie at  MarveLes Art Studios.  Les does more with her sewing machine but yesterday she tackled a project that I'd also seen on my blog travels.  Well, I think I can, too and I found a few flowers and some coordinating items to give it a whirl.

I also got a new book in the mail.  This is Surface Treatment workshop.  It has 45 mixed media techniques by Darlene Olivia McElroy and Sandra Duran Wilson.  It looks pretty good and I think I can start it right away as I have much of the stuff they both use.

I was trying a few things this morning.  They will have to wait for next week as I really must cut grass.  I also need to see if I can get my hands back to their natural colour as my homemade black spray (permanent) was pointed the wrong way and the inside of my left arm and hand is no longer pink! OYE!!!   The tip was worth while only the reinker needs diluting and operator error needs eliminating! 

So I am crowing a bit.  I scored some great products, some good tips, some fun goodies and a great resource book.  I persevered in spite of the black reinker disaster and I have Hope! Hope that in spite of an inky black wing I am going to soar right over a beautiful mixed media rainbow!  CAW!!!


MarveLes Art Studios said...

Soar... SOAR! You, my little chick... are a crowing delight, black hands or no... {mine are hot pink!} Love your stash of delight you bought! Can't WAIT to see more! XO

Margaret Applin said...

LOL I love how Elle creates such vivid images so we get the WHOLE picture!!! You have a fabulous stash!!!! And those tags!!! You GO GIRL!! Can't wait to see what you work on this weekend!!

Leanne said...

You are such a fun writer, I look forward to reading what you will say next. Inky black wing sounds like an experience. I hope you get that grass cut so you can get to playing with all your new supplies.

SandeeNC said...

rotflmbo, I am so glad to hear that someone else has sprayed themselves before! hee hee...and it doesn't sound like you are slowing down any, I think you are building up speed instead! waving hi from the "too hot for this mama without a pool" hills of North Carolina :)

Createology said...

Miss Gellie Ellie you are one busy amazing crafty creative chick! Thank goodness you only sprayed your wing black and not your beautiful face. Grass mowed??? Now for the fun of T!m and his idea-ology spectrum of fabulous supplies. I have some of them so I will be inspired by what you create. Spent my day volunteering at the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center and it was crazy busy with our week and one half July 4th Holiday.
Holiday Hugs to you dear...