Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summering on!

The summer schedule is all about a more relaxed style of living.  The schedule always seems to have lots of things to do but there should be opportunities to sit and visit..

I did finish up the frame collage for the Altered Book class I am taking. This is one of three pages on the winter season. The other pages can be seen here.  Leaves are gone but the evergreens do what they can to add joy to the season.

Creativity 101 continues.  Jenn wants to make a scrapbook and we have been adding some pages to her book.  This will be her title page.  Hearts are a favourite motif and we deliberately added one to her shirt. 

I have been studying up on products that are useful for backgrounds.  We did practice making a few and I'm using tags with gesso on one side and just the manila surface on the other for references as I tend to like using gesso and I have lots of manila files to upcycle.  We hope to make a field trip to a scrapbooking store next week.  It  will be in my DD's little city so this is kinda contingent on the baby's arrival. :^)

I am awaiting mail as I have a book, some screens and some hard to get supplies on order.

I've been  trying to shake this awful summer cold, as well as keep up with all the various doctor appointments for family as I am either driver or babysitter.  The weather seems to have settled into hot and dry so we are making progress on the weeding.

I am thinking it is time to regroup a bit as I have a great tendency to follow one tangent after another until I am a far ways from where I should be.  lol   I need to get my focus back and do the next thing first.  This is a profound statement I came across in an old children's book and always makes me ponder things and want to do better.

Now to get summering on!


Mary Ann Tate said...

Great minds think alike:) I was thinking that same thought yesterday. I need to stop flipping from one thing to another and focus and get organized. I have too many unfinished projects/jobs that are either half started or half finished depending on how you look at it.

Createology said...

You certainly are staying busy with all the household, DD baby appointments and Grand Littles, yard duty and Creativity 101. Fun that Jen is doing a scrapbook and that she loves hearts. You are such a blessing in her life to open her horizon to creating art. I hope your cold goes away and you feel better very soon with more energy and focus. Healing Hugs My Friend...

HollyM said...

Your table looks so inviting!
I hope you feel better and get to make your field trip for supplies!

SandeeNC said...

LOVE the bird cage on the wall, really love it, lol Looks like you do have a lot going on, makes me tired just reading all the activities planned! lol waving hi from the hot hills of North Carolina :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back online and visit. I feel bad, but after my computer went on the fritz, I left town, which not the right time to do so. Your frame collage is adorable. It really fit the bill.

I adored the look of your summer table. It is not just festive, but so inviting. I hope it's much cooler where you are because these hot colors are quite warm and inviting.