Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Intentional Blogging 2 Focus

Lesson 2 of Intentional Blogging is really all about the reason behind my blog.

I really began as a kind of diary.  I have fine tuned it somewhat as I realize the Internet is very public and some things are just plain private.

So this has become my journey into all things creative.  My subject is creativity.

The theme is about several areas in which I want to develop my creativity. This encompasses my home.  Home is what I make it, where I can be me, where I am safe to express myself.  There are creative opportunities in home decorating, cooking ( which is kinda low on the list but should be on the list), landscaping, garment construction and accessorizing, quilting and my new luv, mixed media fibre arts.  Of course, creative writing kinda under girds the whole blog.

The objective?  Hmm. I am not so keen on being accountable so this is harder to define.

But what do I want to accomplish with my blog?  ???  I guess I am expecting a record of my growth as a creative person, an artist. 

What impression do I want to leave?  ???  I think we are all creative and I want readers to realize that
creativity is something anyone can develop. But like piano playing, it requires practice.  I am practicing and I want it to be known that it is a lot of fun and definitely a journey; a progressive past time with serendipities and hilarious happenings.

My goal?  How do I measure it?  ???  Good question.  I do feel that I have grown creatively by leaps and bounds since I've begun blogging.  I have certainly been pursuing knowledge about things that interest me. I have had an interest in home decorating since my teens and what I've learned has come from experimenting and reading LOTS of decorating magazines and library books.  Home decorating led to home made quilts and that led to wall hangings and fibre art which lead to dyeing fabric, stamping, stencils and inevitably to paper and canvas.  So now I want to improve my techniques and define my style.

I believe blogging is a unique opportunity because putting ones work up for viewing and critiquing is only a part of the growth cycle.  The interaction with like minded people, the commitment to blogging and making art contributes hugely to the making of the artist as much as the actual art.  Life influences art and vice versa.

My goal therefore is to define my own style, perfect it, and inspire others to pursue their own creativy.
How to measure it I'm not so sure.  I'm not very analytical so stats and graphs isn't going to work.  I'm not planning an etsy shop nor will I be pursuing sales.  I guess the occasional happy face in the comments will have to suffice.  lol  But I suspect I'll know when I can pretty consistently produce good work and have my heart smile when I've completed projects. We can be our own worse critic but I, myself,  need to feel that I am actually improving and having my own voice heard.

Next week is about discovering my voice and how to use it so it is unique to me.


Lori E said...

Most blogs I have seen that are around a long time evolve constantly. Lives change and so do our blogs. As long as we blog for ourselves I think we succeed.

Dandelion and Daisy said...

My, that was some food for thought! Why do I blog? Sometimes I fear mine is just a "brag" book but I don't look at other people's blogs as "brag" books. I see them as inspiration! Not that I'm going to do what they are doing but...that they are DOING. It hasn't been that long ago that, like you say, you had to go buy a magazine or go to the library, now, here I am sitting in my kitchen getting ideas from all around the world.

I do put my "company" face on for my blog but it is fun to look back and see what I've done and where I've been and how I, and those around me, have changed. I agree with Lori...we blog for ourselves.

I always enjoy reading your blog, in part because you have a great sense of humor and because you can do more stuff in a week than I can think about!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a thought provoking post. Like you, I started blogging as a way to document what I'm doing. I later refined it to mostly art, but occasionally I take photos of places I go and people I see. To me, nothing is all that private, except I try not to rant and never, ever call anyone a bad name, even though I might think it. That is the part that is private with me.

Not being able to "journal," as most think of journaling, I can type, but not grip a pen or pencil. Blogging became that outlet for a journal.

Developing my creativity has been difficult, because I am not able to take all the online classes, or buy all the wonderful supplies I see others using. Don't get me wrong, I have more than enough supplies to last me a lifetime. Sometimes, however, when I see what others are creating, I just feel stuck in the 90s.

The impression I want to leave more than any, is that I'm a good, moral, and honest person. I'll never feel I can be a truly "good" mixed media artist, but I am a great photographer when I have a good camera.

I truly enjoyed what you said about interacting with others. That makes it all worthwhile for me, too. I already think you are a great artist, and improving will only make you stellar.

I look forward to your next post on this subject.

Createology said...

Theres that all important word again...FOCUS. As we go about our daily lives there will always be new and different and changing aspects and that is why we are adaptable and flexible. Our blogs should reflect that...our true journey. I blog for me and choose what I share with others. I am thrilled that I have followers and get comments as they are what help me grow and learn. It is the sharing that brings us together with our blogs. Your lessons are very thought-provoking and I believe important. Sounds like you are on a wonderful path my dear...