Friday, September 14, 2012

Falling into place

I have been missing in action but not inactive!

I'd show you the super picture of the Assinaboine Park's new playground for kids but I have to figure how to get them off my phone!  :( Baby  Jolina's appointment about concerns for her hips were nullified.  Now we need to get her mother's sciatic nerve appointments crossed off the list and happy faces added as well!

I did take time to replace the heating tool that my grandson fried because his grandmother wasn't watching what he was doing.  :(  Mind you, I didn't actually know they are to be 6 inches away from any surface!  

I had got some cookie cutters for my polymer clay lesson in Altered Books locally but they are pretty big.  So while the kiddies had a cookie break in the car I flew into Michael's with my coupon.   I couldn't see any molds that appealed and then I saw the fondant cutters!  YES!!!  I never thought I'd find myself in the baking section at Michael's but it does pay to think creatively.  These wee alphabets are perfect for the polymer clay that is rolled out thinly!

A brief stop at the scrapbook store on my way home and I scooped up a few things to add some continuity to my calendar journal.

I was also impressed that they are pretty much the colours I'm choosing for the house decor. I found the large scrap book paper and now I have a good piece of theme colours to drag around the rooms.

Thursday morning I was ready for the window guys!

Poor photo but this window has the white paint on the frame and I like it!

This is the studio window and hadn't opened for a few years so I am absolutely delighted to give opportunity for some of the heat from the sewing machine, lights, and iron  to dissipate  from the sweatshop!  Now to get the bookcase edited, back under the window and a table set up behind Nina.

Thanks for the kind comments on the improvisational project that supports the veranda roof.  A bit of a touch up for the newer bits of 2 x 6's and it'll be perfect. The Rooster blushed when I told him!

And now if he can take these and fit them into the old barn window openings I may just have to get a photo of his chick giving him a peck in public!  LOL


Createology said...

I did miss you dear but somehow knew you were staying very busy. "Daylight's a burning" is the mantra here with my mister! Your new windows are wonderful and putting the older ones in the barn are super smart. Loving all your new creative supplies. I better get into my studio and away from this time consuming computer...

Mary Ann Tate said...

Love your new windows and your new stash additions. Those fondant cutters are a brilliant idea.

They just opened a new Michael's about a kilometer from me...arrrgghh. How could they? I can walk there!!!! I have made an oath to not visit it unless I absolutely need too. Sheesh!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Love your ENERGY! And yes... peck on the cheek my super chickadee!! Love to see it! Best to your Rooster! Smile and blush away; he's a keeper!!!

Margaret Applin said...

Sounds like everything is "just ducky"!!! The windows look great! Just keep feeding the Rooster those great comments and we'll get 'er done!!!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm really late catching up because I'm still fighting a computer virus. More down time than computer time this week.

What a great tale. I love the fondant cutters. I've seen them in the stores, but never could afford them. Seems like they were around $20.00 when I priced them. Of course, they came in a big fancy tub that reminded me of a Lincoln Log tub or a round oatmeal box. Yours may have been better.

Gotta love the new windows. What a thrill it must be to be able to open windows. I know I only have a few that open. I hope the old ones fit in the barn and I get to see that kiss you might be laying on the Rooster.

Hope the rest of your weekend is fabulous.