Monday, January 21, 2013

Beginning to despair!

Winter has still got a long ways to go. This is a good example of why I like lots of deep rich colour during our winter.

One more load of snow and the Rooster is ready to throw away the shove and hand out snow shoes!  lol

And I am thinking much more stuff on my to-do list and I'll be ready to throw something. ;-)

My Creativity 101 gal and I have a field trip scheduled to the city for supplies later today. A goodly list, a Michael's coupon and a budget!  :(  She got a small art set for Christmas but the tubes of acrylic paint are the size of her little finger so we need some large tubes of primary colours and other important stuff.

The workroom is totally messy and clearing it off for some sewing will be first thing.  We do have storage containers on our list.  My book for storage says " A house without a dedicated utility space is like a toolbox without compartments.  Sure you know where the nuts and bolts are; it is just a lot harder to find them."  This definitely applies to my studio.  I also need to find a spot for Jenn to store some of her supplies.

If I got busy on my daughter's top, I'd have an empty storage container to fill with something else that needs corralling!

The first meeting with our contractor is Tuesday night.  So I need to have all the swatches, papers, pamphlets and questions ready.  We will be talking about these two rooms.

I think I have found a few things to motivate me this Monday!

 We may be approaching the winter season in years but we still have spring in our hearts!  No time to despair.  Time to dance on!!!


Createology said...

This is a lovely photo of you and the Rooster. Too much snow for me! Creativity is in full swing with Jen and your studio. Good luck meeting with your contractor. Being prepared is so important and you are definitely prepared. Wonderful Week Dear...

MarveLes Art Studios said...

ABSOLUTELY! Dance on Miss Elle! Enjoy your trip; sure love the photo of you two! BIG HUG and lots of sunshine... comin' your way! :)

HollyM said...

I just love a trip to the art supply store! Have fun! What a cute picture of you two!
We've got a fair bit of snow here which is ok. It's good for snowshoeing, but it's bitterly cold this week and windy. I don't want to go out!

Dandelion and Daisy said...

Dance on, happy couple! I'll bet you are excited about meeting with the contractor....soon things will be happening and dreams will become reality. said...

What a sweet photo!!! ; ) Oh winter has indeed been HARSH. ugh

See you in the spring!


Leanne said...

Meeting with the contractor sounds exciting, and that quilt top looks wonderful. You have the best crafting supplies, maybe some organizing will be fun. Lovely picture of your and your guy!