Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I had really hoped to be ahead of the plan as I headed into this new year.  My Rooster had an injury and some slow days at work. I have gotten very used to having my days to myself and as a result I didn't get very much accomplished 'blog wise'!   We do have the extra chickens packed away in the freezer and some nice sausage stored up though!  We also have reviewed last year's list and fine tuned what we want to accomplish in 2013.  I did spend time on some personal goals.

Blogging is a great motivational tool for me as well as being just plain creative fun.  So I need to use it to full advantage.

My word for the year is PERFECT.  This is not the adjective but the verb.  per FECT.  I want to take all my scattered bits of ideas, tools, techniques and improve them. It is meant to be because when I opened my dictionary for the definition it opened right up on pages 884 and 885 and there it is right between perennial and perfidy!!!  lasting through...,  and breach of faith, treachery  Sounds just about right. lol  It is a fine line I walk between routine and tangents! :O  I'm not one to look back and tally up the score.  I'm not even sure I will be looking for a new word for next year as Focus, Find, Fine tune, Finish and perFect should keep me busy for quite some time!  ;^)

I am Focusing on creativity.  I have signed up for 2 classes, one on colour with Joanne Sharpe, and the other on basic techniques with Julie Balzer.  I'm also hoping to Find my style.  These classes will require samples which I hope will help me find as well as Fine tune my preferred method of working.  I hope to Finish these courses and then I want to perFect them! oye!!!  My inbox has just delivered a first post from Nathalie Kalbach at JumpStart, a free one that I forgot all about!  But I don't forget my blogging friends who also continue to inspire me and beckon me to come up higher in my aspirations.  Thank you!

I have some hopes that I can get some projects finished that I have been working towards already.

I am committed to working through each room of the house and getting them to a place where they are completed and easy to maintain; hence more play time.  The Rooster and I have a plan!  whoo hoo!  This was not without a few compromises, a couple of knock down, drag 'em out sessions,and a few kleenex moments but it is looking to be very workable.  First I'm doing an initial purge and then we'll go back and do any fixing, painting or remodeling.  A contractor has been contacted and a budget blue lined!

I am wanting to get back to more sewing.  Quilting, fibre art, home decor stuff and possibly some clothes and accessories.  The trick is to not start anything majorly new and use up some of my old stash so I can get some of this appealing new stuff. lol  Oakshotts!  hmmmm

I am at the half way point in the daily calender journalling and would like to bump that up a bit to include working in my sketchbook once a day with more purpose and regularly.

My workroom in the barn is high on my priority list as well as The Rooster's.  His understanding of how our time is best spent throughout the months of the year will better make this happen as he won't help me when I have the 'urge' and he 'has' to be doing something else that is a priority  So he has control of the timeline.

Not an exactly photo laden post, but lots of plans.  I need to get a new calendar. I want to get up to speed with all the digital stuff and that will involve simplifying my photos and files. I need to keep my Photo Shop Elements book right here beside the mouse and keyboard.  I also need to clean up the blog a bit.  This will be a transition week and then next week I get some out of town company that will challenge my plans of keeping up!

I need to make sure I double knot my running shoes as I sprint off into the new year but I also need to pace myself as this a four season, twelve month, 365 day run.  Foremost, I plan on enjoying the journey!!!


What Comes Next? said...

It sounds like you will be very busy again this year, and I look forward to enjoying your journey. Best wishes on your run through 2013!

Createology said...

I have enjoyed reading your post and you certainly have some list ahead of you which will result in an amazing journey through 2013. You may need a few extra pairs of running shoes throughout the year. I know you will do fabulous in everything. Your word perFECT is a good one. I have yet to decide on my word. Enjoy each day my dear...

Jo Vandermey said...

Wow! I think you will need running shoes with rockets on.
I am finally done work - my official job that is - and now need to redefine me, and what I want to do. Now that I have time so to speak I don't know where to start. I guess I will just start with the Christmas decorations and see how that goes. One day at a time.
I will be fun to follow along on what you are doing.