Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Perils of Piling!

 I finally got a planner and a 2013 calender. I'm not sure I needed 4 but ...

It is bitterly cold here but we did make the trip to the city.  I always come home with stuff and lots of times it is substitutes for what I really wanted.  I'm beginning to think Internet shopping is the way to go if one considers time and gas.   I piled my purchases on an already messy flat surface.  :O

Then I carried an old pile down to fine tune my downstairs colour choices.  The original piles had kinda slid into one another and I wasn't sure what was what!  :(

I need to reduce piles in the studio and I started by opening the closet door.

VBSIGH    I am sorely tempted to get rid of everything and start over but I am getting closer to my ideal so I shall post the 'shame on me' evidence and hope for a fabulous finish on Friday!   I am now back to bare floor but the piles in the main room are intimidating.

The old films of the Perils of Pauline were in black and white and very much worse.  My dilemmas  are in techno colour and certainly without all the music and high drama.  Before I scream, admit defeat and embrace a train wreck,  I shall begin to loosen the knots, slip my bonds and launch myself through the clutter to a clear spot and evaluate how to level piles.   Perhaps I need some background music and a few whistle blows!  


Createology said...

So funny my dear...where oh where is the hero to save you? Looks to me like you are making serious progress. It seems like all I do lately is sit here and make comments on other's progress and creativity. What am I doing??? Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

Leanne said...

I am beginning to wonder if your house is like Mary Poppins' carpet bag, you keep discovering new places full to the brim of fun stuff.

Jo Vandermey said...

Your to do list for January is impressive.
Mine is not even made yet.... it is on my to do list.
I love how bright and sunny looking your room is.
And remember it did take us years to assemble the stash.. and it will take years to use it too!
Your progress is inspiring.