Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Who is babysitting who?

I have my grand daughter for two days as her birthday is this week.  Eliana, my namesake in Spanish, is three.  I do believe she has inherited a creative gene or two but I deny the 'my way or the highway' gene!  lol

Her present was awaiting her first thing this morning.  Who needs a Rooster when the directions are available!

I thought she might be into the domestic arts for today at least,  but no deal.  They all came into my playroom and we hadn't even had breakfast!

She and her big brother both like to look in my calendar journal.

And this is just to show that I can come up with real quilts for her little family!


Mary Ann Tate said...

What a cutie:) That's a lovely quilt you made for her.

Natasha said...

Darling little girl and what a beautiful quilt. When I saw your pictures of your playroom I wanted to go in without breakfast too! Lovely!

HollyM said...

You are a wonderful grandmother! How lucky they are. Love the little quilt too.
Playroom sounds a lot more fun than domestic arts.

Createology said...

Happy Birthday to Eliana. She is so adorable. How special that you are able to enjoy her for a couple of days including her birthday. Grandma Hugs Dear...