Friday, February 8, 2013

Early morning excitement!

I did have a reasonably packed day with some boring chores scheduled into it.  But then I had a peek at what my very good friend Margi was up to last night.  :O  She is waiting for Nemo and now that I have grand kiddies I know all about Nemo.  lol  But I had only a bit of theoretical knowledge about screen printing.

Scrap Wisdom Collage is where you will find Margaret's blog and can see and learn as she pushes all the boundaries of making collages.  I'm a FAN!  I have been following her ever since she did a guest tutorial on the old Three Creative Studios blog.  I've been buying screens, stencils and dvd's and I can probably blame my Photoshop Elements on her as well!  ;^)  I've been asking lots of questions and she answers just about all of them. She doesn't know how to add more time to a day though!

So when I set my coffee cup down to check out the weather conditions in her neck of the woods I saw that she had been making good use of a storm day and I 'just' had to change my plans if not my jammies!

I prepped some watercolour paper and painted some deli paper.

I used the boring stencil that she had added to my order.  whoo hoo!

I smeared paint from my palette paper with the recommended squeegee which is like a wall paper scraper/smoother.  Gorgeous melds!

I leaped onto a deep cadmium red.  Look at all those blends of hot goodness!

I had no Inktense blocks but I tried NeoArt water-soluble wax pastels.

The extra bonus was I now know how they work!  :)

What an amazing amount of creative fun!  I need to get a better grasp of loading up the squeegee but  it is very forgiving for the odd ooops!

Now I am not even sure I can get back to the mundane!  The regularly scheduled  Friday Finish report will become the Saturday summing up!  Now what if....


Anne said...

Hi, Elle! Looks like you had a great time! If you enjoyed this, you may want to look into the Gelli Plate by Gelli Arts:

Margaret Applin said...

You ROCK Sista!! My favorite is the Aqua/turquoise print!!!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Oh my gosh, you have achieved fabulous results! fabulous colors sweetpea! i am thinkin we both need that kind of snowstorm and a 'stay at home' order. we don't get those in mt tho :(

Createology said...

You have made beautiful papers for your art. What a wonderfully creative day you have had. I have spent my day cleaning and purging...YUCK! Even getting artsy messy would beat cleaning. Love what you have done! Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...

greelyrita said...

Waiting for Nemo? I don't understand this reference. Does it mean wanting grandchildren? That I understand.