Sunday, February 3, 2013

Some extra stuff.

I started the second half of my calendar journal.  To make things easier I am using another binder.  I hope to combine both halves into one big binder when I'm done.  My year begins and ends in June.

I had done all my backgrounds on one day and then I spent most of Thursday afternoon adding the particulars.

 My pocket ideas have a tendency to get away on me but I wanted to write in my goals.

First week and the lack of a new calendar to make notes on showed!  :O

Second week and I focused on the highlight!

 Third week and I'm trying to K I S S!  :)

Fourth week and I'm needing some colour.

Fifth and last week.  Maybe February will have a bit more warmth.  Ha!


Createology said...

K I S S ;o) Your January looks lovely and the colors are cold and wintry...just like the weather. Photos and the highlights journaled are wonderful memory keepsakes. Well done dear.

Margaret Applin said...

Love them all!!! I love how you are using the photos in black and white!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

yo're too funny, Miss Elle. I too, like the black and whites, and the 'fourth week' colour one! Sounds like you've got things 'well handled' Missy!