Friday, February 1, 2013

First Friday in February

It is a finish and a start!

January's focus is Home Decorating.

(insert photo op of green garbage bags here!)  lol

The whole house purge is continuing and after a bit of a holiday hump and a cold it is gaining momentum again.  I did get a whole truck load of stuff out of the house and off the yard.  This was mostly basement stuff so its not showing too much visible improvement.

The book on Storage and Design was left till late in the month and given the inspiration it has birthed, I wish I'd read it sooner.  I am on the hunt for affordable wall mount spice racks.  Actually, I am a bit obsessed with finding racks.  Saturday is Rooster day and we have a supply run to the city.  :)

A big hurdle was finalizing the paint and trim colours for the north rooms and I'm delighted to have that settled.

The fabric ufo's has been greatly helped by joining the 2013 Finish-a-long.  I have a list that unfortunately keeps growing and I am not starting as strong as I'd hoped but I'm back to focusing on the whys and the wherefores.  Next up is to MQ the roosters.

The on-line classes have been hectic.  The 2013 Jump Start had 45 jumps and they have been tricky to fit in to the schedule but I am up to date on viewing them and I do have a start on trying the techniques with the beginning ones.  They have been a great help with Jenn and our Creativity 101 Wednesdays.  This was worth while even if it left my Basics and my Colour Love  classes behind schedule.

My Journal Calender is taking more time than I realize but now that I actually have a new calendar it should be better.

February is a short month and I do have to take time for a needed retreat.  Hopefully I am motivated enough to plan ahead and beat that stall that happens when I take some R&R.  I have learned how to schedule posts ahead of time and accountability really helps me to get things done.  I'm hopeful!

So for February I plan on:

Completing the upstairs part of the whole house purge is high on my list.  Short month but I have been tackling small pockets of disorder in the playroom.  To build up speed and get the motivation working fully I will do a quick run through the first rooms that I did already to get the few things I piled just inside their doors.  eek!  The easy start will carry me right into that challenging studio.

I am awaiting the contractor for the downstairs North Rooms.  The Rooster is scheduling two so if there is any more delay we will have option 2 in place. I need to bring back the old hall door to replace the old bathroom door and then  find the old cold air registers and take off those newer brass ones.  I'm not sure what I was thinking there! :(

The book up for review is Lynette Jennings' No Compromise Decorating.  Another bargain book but I had liked her previous book.  I like the idea of no compromise because I am committing to a plan and I am not wanting to go back and make major changes like I have had a tendency to do.  I need to figure what I want and then make it happen.  I have started so this will keep me moving along.  I hope!

For the finish-a-long I will pick the ones to compliment the home deco idea. I found some old fabric in my stash.  Not perfect, but okay.  I won't even have to piece it.  I remember buying this a VERY long time ago?  When I get ready to baste it I'll put the two bunk beds on the table at the same time. ooh, I hope I jve enough safety pins!

I need to get sample books handy for the Colour Love and find the basics that I tried to get on my last city trip.  So there is another on-line order to get ready.
The on-line classes should be easier to work in as Jump Start is finished and I can set aside two weeks for one and two weeks for the other.  More hope!  But there doesn't look like much hope of getting into the digital stuff this month.

The February calendar says to Believe.  I believe this will be a month to see hope fulfilled..


HollyM said...

You've to so many things on the go it makes my head spin!
You've figured out how to write your posts ahead too! I haven't yet. It's on my list.

Createology said...

I believe you will make huge progress this Fabulous month of February. Since it is a shorter month it will only keep you working ever more diligently. Everything you are doing is looking so good and really coming together. May you have lots of energy my dear...