Friday, February 15, 2013

Five things to understand

Maybe six!

I tackled the books and the dust bunnies in the future guest room.  I didn't disturb the two applique projects I have not unveiled that are under the bed. ;)  But I am beginning to understand what parts of function I need to retain and still have good form.  I'm going to hide the bottom half of these open shelves!  I am beginning to understand what I like; which is the first section in my No Compromise Decorating Book.

This makes me hopeful.  I'm becoming comfortable with the me that now lives in my body.  I'm beginning to 'see' things I never saw before.  I can see a clearing in the forest. lol

Kindness is a choice and I'm blessed by friends to whom I can show kindness and who are incredibly kind to me.  This week's pot luck involved a dessert I cannot eat so I was very kindly given a little tapioca pudding.   :)

Valentine's Day is about luv, love, LOVE but what we really need is charity.  I think it is only learned from the One who is the embodiment of agape.

Therefore I can still experience peace in the midst of change and a variety of circumstances.

And that makes me very thankful.


Createology said...

Elle Dear if you were a teenager I would think you are maturing however I instead believe you are becoming comfortable with your self and your style! Now that is a joyous feeling. The bookshelf looks lovely. Your cup is full of all things good and great. Blessings dear...

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Amen! I'm so thankful for you, and the agape love you bask in, and show us all, sweet friend!

Jo Vandermey said...

It feels so good to acquire some sense of who you are and what you work best with.
Your shelf looks great. I have been working on my basement. I have to admit a few friends pushed me on the way. But it is mostly done now. I have some tweaking to do.
Kindness indeed is important and a great way to learn to love!

HollyM said...

Besides our family, Friends are definitely an integral part in the circle of our life. It is such a warm feeling to be able to do those little things for friends and have them returned just when you need it.

greelyrita said...

Isn't it a magical thing to actually change who you are? Maybe it's more of a changing what's in focus about yourself. It was always there. Yay for you!!