Monday, March 4, 2013


Looks like a winter blizzard is marching in but I'm not going anywhere for a few days and I have lots of things to do.  The first quarter of this year is in countdown.

The big project for this quarter is the front north rooms which consist of the front dining room, the sitting room and the bathroom.  It is taking a bit to actually get the contractor and get him started but I am hopeful that it can be all done this month.  I'm tweaking some of the colour choices which means I'm understanding better how they all play together, not to mention how I like to play. ;^)

Not necessarily a stylish photo but definitely a before photo.  The kitchen is to the right with the white china cabinet showing.  I left the bathroom door open to show it is aqua.  I thought about a frosted glass door. Then I remembered an extra door from the house that is a better and more stylish match.  Then I saw my DD's pantry and wondered why we didn't restore that bathroom back to its original purpose as a pantry with its cute kitchen door entrance.  I reassured the Rooster he won't be shoved in there to cook and he is game for putting the bathroom into the proposed utility room addition.  YipEEE!   So I will be keeping that bathroom door closed and as it is until the pantry is restored and operational.  That also means I would have one whole wall with no doors, windows or odd corners.  Possibilities are endless.  sorta!

I was thinking aqua would be my accent but I'm beginning to understand that the cranberry is really the accent colour so that just means my proportions will be a bit different and I may be rethinking the aqua ceiling! But this makes me happy. I like how it'll flow and I've discovered I am a low contrast person but I like a little POP!  So these are my options which I'll try when everything is patched and primed but once it is finalized and done I am going to throw all the samples away and not even look at other schemes for at least ten years!!!  Hold me to it puhleeze!

The books for this quarter are focused on decorating.  The last one I chose is Creating the French Look by Annie Sloan.  I don't want the French look but I am interested in redoing some of my furniture pieces and this would be a good month to tackle some of them.  :)  I'm thinking I may change that hutch in the dining room for starters.  Something to showcase my collection of pink transfer ware and pink glass dishes.

This month my class is all about Getting Started with Gesso.

 Last night I considered the March journal pages.  I will transition from cold blue to the warmer purple and Easter with a nod to St. Patrick.

They looked a bit dark and busy for journalling on so I slapped some watered down gesso over them.  It is very gritty but okay.  I probably should have reviewed the lessons first but then that would somewhat hamper my exuberance for leaping before I actually look!  lol
I also need to allow time for a class with Margaret Applin, Printing the Journal, which I'm taking through Joggles.  I really like Joggles.  Lots of things to see, and get, and learn.

This month's purge will be taking everything out of the rooms to be painted!  I also have the ongoing battle between me and the basement.  The Rooster says the potatoes in the cold room are ready for harvesting!  oops!

The Finish-a-long is Top Priority! I like the gelli plate and screen printing and stenciling.  I am keen to start printing on fabric and making quilts with my own fabric designs.  To do that I need to clear all the backlog of once great but old ideas.  :(  I plan on spending more time sewing and less time reading, day dreaming and generally goofing off!  Time is marching on!

The actual dragging of my thoughts back to the plan for this first quarter has been very beneficial.  It did cause me to think ahead a bit to the next quarter.  So I have a few possibles written down for consideration after Easter.  The Rooster will be turning his attention to the barn and my workroom and also to his fence and our landscape.  Those weeds won't be seen for a few months but when they come, they really come and this year we are determined that they won't be stealing the march on us! 


Mary Ann Tate said...

It sounds like you are going to be very busy. At least your organized unlike me. I love Joggles too. I'm taking a doll class with them now...Lillian and Max and then next month I'm taking The Princess and the Pea.

Leanne said...

Your decorating and renovating plans sound great. You have a lot of fun projects on the go too, loads of colour and fun at your house.

Createology said...

Elle you do amaze me with all of your projects and how much you accomplish. I like your progress and how you are marching along.
Thank you for your recent comment and suggestion of focusing on one thing for my etsy. I believe that is a very good idea but I am not certain I want to reopen my shoppe.
Happy Marching Dear...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm overwhelmed by all the classes you are taking, as well as forging ahead with a remodel. Very impressive. And I love those journal pages, as well as your gelli printings. I really, really, really want a gelli.