Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wow I think I've got it

I have misplaced the original book that had the winding ways wall hanging that was the inspiration for my DD's wedding quilt.  She married in South America so I decided to wait for the final borders until she came home.  Bad idea.  It has taken 3 children and a house remodel to get me back on the project.  Their bedroom finish is my new deadline!  :)

First I will go with the new floral and the paler green.  The solid pink is too bright so the diagonal tone on tone pink remains.  Because I prewash I needed to spray starch the fabrics as it just makes life so much easier.  The acrylic templates ensure accuracy which also makes life easier.  I started to pay better attention and it is not about which colour needs to be up but rather which curve, concave or convex. 

The C shape goes on top of the D shape. 

I don't pin since the the two end tips always match and the distance is short from the beginning tip to the end tip and I use my machine setting for needle down function if I stop to adjust anything.  The curve is really not too difficult.

So I get the first two tips matched perfectly and begin to sew.  I did all the centre with the regular 1/4 inch foot and this new foot has a guide which I didn't think I liked  but it is one less thing to consider when doing these curves so it has proved useful but not absolutely necessary.

After I 've done a few stitches I'll stop to line up the edges of the two pieces like in the photo with the C and D..

I find I am gently coaxing the bottom D to the left so it comes under the C which easily shapes to the bottom D. 

 Do NOT look ahead more than half to an whole inch.  Those little 'puckers' somehow ease themselves out of the way.  Really.  You can't sew at mach 1 speed but it all goes smoothly.

It comes out with a bit of a bowl shape but the iron folds that D piece right back and it is ready.

 I don't trim the ears as they are handy for joining everything together.  Note- I was so intent on the process I sewed the darn floral on with the back facing up.  :(

These are the pieces for this final round.  It is actually a block and an half as 'we' want a scalloped edge.

So here is that outside row coming together.  I am hitting my stride and I may even redo that first try.

The softer green, and the close match floral are passing the galloping horse test.  And I won't be slowing the horse until I'm done and I WILL be done by next WIP Wednesday at The Needle and Thread Network. Says she with fingers, toes and knees crossed!  lol


Leanne said...

It is looking good and will be such a beautiful quilt when it is all done.

Createology said...

Elle this is wonderful. Your progress is really making strides to completion. This quilt will be an heirloom one-of-a-kind treasure. What a true labor of love. Keep Nina sewing...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

That is going to be beautiful when finished! Hopefully daughter will hang it on the wall until little ones get a little older, sadly I did not do that....we pretty much wore the quilt top I embroidered to shreads. Wish I hadn't done that.

Mary Ann Tate said...

It's going to be wonderful when it's finished:)

Susan J Barker said...

Elle, I love this quilt! I brings memories of my aunt to taught me how to piece and she started me with a clamshell pattern! not squares! I guess she had great confidence in me! But so far I have not make a full quilt with curved piecing!

Ann Symes said...

Sew pretty! Such a labor of lve for your DD. You'll get it done, just keep sewing! I'll be looking for the finished quilt soon!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Color me impressed!!!