Thursday, January 9, 2014

Crazy for clubs and Classes

I much prefer learning new things in my very own studio.  I have grown to luv on-line classes.  My finger hovered over a backgrounds class for a long time till reality set in and I decided to complete a class I had bought 2 years ago.  I bought the supplies for it but haven't actually done much more than enjoy the eye candy.  This is the year!

I am keeping up nicely with CJS2014 which runs for the month of January. It is very amazing how many household objects become creative tools!  I had gotten some cake decorating supplies for polymer clay.  I had no idea they have more mixed media usefulness!  ;)  And cardboard...!!!

 I luv stencils and I joined the Stencil Girls Club.  They have a friendly community site and I'm learning some good stuff.  :)

Much as I enjoy all the mixed media paints and inks, I really want my art to be fibre based.  So I decided to add to my expertise and my thread collection by joining the Superior Threads Sampler Club.  New members get a dvd on working with various threads.  The monthly package will remind me to expand my abilities.

I had made stitch samples for Nina but darn it, now I need to alter all these stitches because you get sew many great options with elongating and/or widening. I will have lots of opportunity to try out my new threads.

Seems like a lot but there is method in my madness.  I need to build up my supplies and help to focus on a couple of aspects of where I am headed in developing my artistic vision.  


Createology said...

I am beyond amazed at how many things you try and achieve. How fun to learn new things and in the warmth and comfort of your own home studio. Minus any number should be illegal when it comes to weather and temperatures. Studio Bliss Dear...

Margaret said...

I'm a 'club-and-class' soul sister, elle! Blessedly for my bank account, I've stayed away from clubs recently, but I have 4 Craftsy classes (all bought on sale) to finish exploring, PLUS I signed up for a new online class with Canadian Pamela Allen -- "On Contrast" -- which begins next week. There's just too much fun out there, eh?!