Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WOW Whoa on the craziness!

T'is indeed  a crazy day when we say that -25 Celsius is a warmer day. :O   I am keeping the heater going around my feet!  :(

I had the crazy idea to start an whole new quilt Sunday night.  The Rooster wants a bigger quilt on the end of the bed and the wee lap quilt isn't meeting his needs!  lol  The room is robin egg blues and yellow greens so I need to make a coordinating quilt.  I do have several fabric groupings and ideas for them.

But the word for the year is complete(d)  and it is a tad early in the new year to be starting a significant and new project. :O

Sew, back to the few small projects I started before the holidays.  I'll start out with some simple quilting on these happy little runners.

In spite of the fact that I actually have a wall quilt up in the sitting room, its replacement which is presently on my design wall is next on my radar.

I also organized all my notes and patterns for the 12 block applique quilt I want to finish up and complete this year.  It is various stages of completion but I don't think any block is actually completed. One, in fact, is mia!

I'll be checking out fellow Needle and Thread Networkers .


Leanne said...

I sure like all this quilting, and the colours for the new bed quilt are beautiful.

Mary Ann Tate said...

This cold weather is ridiculous. My hubby couldn't open the doors on our van this morning....out came my hairdryer. I was not amused :(