Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crazy Projects

This wall hanging was an old challenge.  I'm no great hand quilter so I hit on the idea of a crazy quilt to avoid the hand quilting requirement.  If I'd have known how long embellishing takes I might have stuck with hand quilting! lol

 But this quilt surprised me because I am a 'plain Jane' but I really enjoyed making it.  Even my kids asked, "you made this???".  ;)  I do enjoy certain kinds of handwork and I want to make time for more.

The front room is coming together well.  We got the placement for wall hangings above the stove just about perfect.  I have several from this series of challenges but I'm wanting to make more and rotate them throughout the year.

This room is starting to look too traditional to me so I need to introduce some modern elements. I need a modern picture for this corner, a hanging light and the right kind of chair.  I have a lovely old oak office chair with a black leather seat out in the barn loft that I will get the Rooster to reglue.  I did change out the fancy thrift store chair for an old dining room chair and a quick cushion in a modern fabric until I can upgrade.   hmm, my friend Les's little wall hanging does look good here!  Crazy how small things effect big changes. ;)

I also have a quilt that was started ages ago; early on in my quilting history.  Remember all those Conway Album quilts!  Our little quilt group invited a teacher to come every month and show us how to applique.  I did enjoy it but life interfered with keeping up and they have been boxed away for some time. I think the thought of hand quilting it intimidated me as well.   DD#1 and I had a look at them during the holidays and I do believe I have found that hand work I was looking for.  I'll complete the 12 blocks and I'll set them in an all white setting for her.  January is off to a fast start so this month I shall fine tune the first block I did and find and organize all the loose pieces.  The grapes for the grape block seem to have all rolled away! lol  After seeing all those blue quilts I had changed my colour scheme.  I also realized that I couldn't make 'another one just like the other ones' so I changed the setting for my blocks.  DD and I agree that a white counterpane will meet her needs. phew!  I have measured out the remaining white background fabric and while my math computations are the highest form of craziness,  I believe I can replace the missing grape block, cut the extra filler blocks, setting triangles, and maybe even the binding.  I'm hoping to complete the quilt top in 2014!  I'm again challenged!  lol

And the craziness continues!


Createology said...

Elle your Crazy Quilt is stunning. I think it might just be my very favorite. Your rooms are looking bright and cheery and comfortable. Happy quilting and finishing for DD.

Margaret said...

"This room is starting to look too traditional to me"...right...with a purple buffet and hutch! ;-)

Like the arrangement...and look forward to the chair substitution. Also like the idea of the quilt you have in mind for your DD...although I have absolutely no idea what a "Conway" quilt is...