Friday, January 17, 2014

Tah Dah! Way TO go!

I am beginning to see the value of forward planning.  I am not too good at thinking while I am running full tilt.  Then when I grind to a halt I'm disoriented.  But if I have a general focus and some projects preplanned then I can quickly get back on track.

I don't seem to have a calendar upstairs.  But I can certainly draw up my own.  May is going to be a big month and that will take serious planning to prepare for.  I am trying to keep each month's focus in mind and work around the fixed dates and take advantage of the lulls.  I'm not a detail planner but a specific focus and some general daily goals seems to be working and gives me a heads up to the busyness that is looming.  I planned with company in mind but quickly adapted to 'home alone' mode.   I had already taken steps to set up and organize a few zones; always ready to go, so to speak.  I was able to not only tweak them but actually try them out.  Now when I get to spinning around and start to lose my balance I already have my general plan in place and the zones are ready and I can refocus easily and get back to the task at hand.

Now I can show some actual results and not just photos of gathered supplies and  instructions.  woo hoo!

Mini has some patchwork pieces at the ready for quick piecing when I just want to be sewing something.  This is just pick up two pieces, sew them together and repeat.  Great for when you need something to do but you are feeling kinda fuzzy.  I can push Mini back into her corner spot and pull her back out easily.  This will also make a dent in the ufo pile!

I'm trying to keep the cutting table clear and that made it easy to got the quilt sandwich prepared and the binding cut.  I have three completed projects in the fabric department.  The wee runners from Wednesday and the big hot pad are completed.

I have my applique supplies in a container and my light at the ready!  I have been trying to clean up my fingers and get all the rough edges smoothed back for applique.  I may have to think about some of those thin plastic gloves for mixed media even though they make my hands itchy.  My hands are my Achille's heel.  :(

I don't really like getting my hands all messy because I know they then need time to heal up but sometimes ones fingers are the handiest tool!  lol  I'd really like to leap in and do big canvas collages but I'm settling for elementary school with cardboard cereal boxes.  I spread the whole box out flat and thought I could crop them but the reality is that these are practice pieces from all my on line classes.  Lots of fun!

We've only just started January but I'm feeling like I have at least gotten out of the starting gate!  A do have a ways to go but I AM going! 


Createology said...

You are definitely out of the starting gate and heading into home stretch on sew many projects. Having stations ready and waiting looks like a really great idea. No idle time for your busy hands my friend...

Jo Vandermey said...

Sounds like you are getting more organized then me....

Margaret said...

That table runner turned out beautifully, elle! Love the vertical stitching -- a real "modern quilting" feel. :-) I too have been trying to keep my cutting table clear so I can use it for...cutting! It's a challenge, isn't it? :-)