Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tapes, transfers, tutorials

I'm multi-tasking mixed media this Tuesday! 

The CJS 2014 tutorials continue to be enlightening.  Sometimes the technique is not necessarily new but a twist has been added that brings art up to an whole other level for me.  The theme is Everyday Household Objects and they are always available and I am amazed at people's inventiveness.  The background for the opening photo, left hand page,  is good old masking tape.

The Stencil Girl Club has been so enlightening and the gals in the facebook group are very encouraging and helpful. There are video tutorials for members that have been worth the membership just in themselves. I used the tree stencil on the right hand page of the opening photo but I outlined it with a pen and then filled it in with a water soluble graphite pencil.  The wall/window stencil is actually on both pages.  It is pretty subtle in the left page.  I originally intended to just do the one page and had 'protected' the right hand page which had some smears and smudges on it.  When I uncovered it I just kinda continued with the momentum. lol

The FOG gals are working on transfers today and I have to admit that transfers are not my favourite mixed media technique.  I found my earlier try very  fiddly and time consuming.  I'm too impatient to rub off the backing.  But they are a useful tool in the artist's tool box. So I tried something different.

This process called for printing an image on a transparency.  I found a heavy and shiny page protector, trimmed it to two pieces 8 x 11 and fed it through the printer.  :O  I just picked and printed so I could say I tried.  lol  So I wasn't exactly prepared and perhaps a better piece of card stock would have been more appropriate. I should think about the size of the image as well.  But now I was excited.  What if I tried fabric!!!

No picture as I swiped the wrong side of the plastic sheet and got a smeary mess on my hand!  :O

I had set the printer to print four images.  I forgot about reverse imaging.  I also realize I don't have to be thrifty as once the image is burnished, ink side down, the ink all goes into the substrate and a quick wipe and the plastic sheet is ready for the next image.  I'm sure size affects the final result but just this quick try has me kinda excited.

I chose a colourful  image from my collection of saved images and printed it out.  You could see the ink droplets on the plastic.  I  flipped it over unto an old manila file folder.  I didn't have to burnish hardly at all.  I really like the spotty effect as it seeped into the manila. This was virtually effortless. I used my hand to just smooth the plastic sheet over the folder.  :)

I'll be curious to see the results that the Calgary girls achieve.  I'll be looking forward to their post and I hope they had as much fun as I did! 

It has been a terrific Tuesday!  I had quite a trip!


Createology said...

Tuesday Terrific Techniques "T"elle. I can see how exciting all this playing was for you. Keep "T"ing...

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I swear YOU are the luckiest person in the world. You take more classes. And they all look very, very interesting. And I love the stencils you are using. What a fun thing they must be. So glad you have this option, because I know how busy you are, too.

Fibre Optics Group said...

Elle, it looks like you had as much fun as we did at FOG. For not liking image transfer, you did some neat stuff. Love the prints on the teal paper!