Monday, October 20, 2014

Sorta Falling

I think, pardon my language, SNOW will be a welcome event around here.  The Rooster has had us on a big push to remove clutter and simplify.  We collapse into bed rather tired, awake a bit stiff, but otherwise feel tremendously invigorated by the progress we are making! 

It is wonderful to see scrap leaving the yard and smoke billowing!   I was concerned about the 'good' wood but the Rooster says not to worry, he can make more scraps.  LOL  I can relate!!!  Dust in the corners bothers me but the focus is on primary purging and we'll go back next spring/summer to clean and reorganize of the important stuff.

The new job has resulted in a bit of reshuffling.  Looks like two full days rather then one full and two half days.  Not to mention the 'meetings'!!!    But even those are looking to become shorter and not so frequent.  Of course,  I'm also readjusting expectations and daily plans as we sort through all the possibilities and try different things.  The Artist's Statement is taking some time but sorting through favourite styles, techniques, and purpose is fairly enlightening.

I have always liked the concept of the seasons.  I'm a bit behind switching into fall but I have to say that things are really 'Falling' into place.  I scooped up seven canvases at the thrift shop which I can use now and then paint over later.

I've been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.   It is helping my focus and hopefully my productivity.   I've been jotting down thoughts and I plan to begin in November.  She starts with clutter.  Well, actually energy!   Lots of things deplete our energy.  Hello, clutter.  :(  Good bye clutter!  :)

I've been through my closet before.  Its a challenge because old houses don't have much in the way of closets.  But then a link which led to another link which led to something called a Capsule Wardrobe uses a seasonal concept.  Aha!  I have some more sorting to do!  :)  I'm not sure I want to put stuff under my bed as I finally got all the books out from under there.  :(  But surely I can find a place to store out of season coats and sun dresses besides the back of a full closet.  Make that a stuffed closet!  :O

I've had to spruce up the wardrobe a bit with the new job, don't cha know!  A few key pieces and then I want to use my new embellishing skills to personalize my clothing.  Perhaps if I look like an artist, I'll feel like an artist! 

Looks like I'll be sorting things out for the first  month of Fall with the hope of harvesting and preserving good stuff for the clear white look of winter!  I'm hanging onto the good weather though just like these late roses!


Createology said...

You and your Rooster are certainly making good progress on the de-cluttering. Aaah those dreaded closets and clothes. I hate getting rid of things but have decided this year I don't need all that I have and someone else might as well get good use of them. Your job sounds like you are liking it. Blissful Falling into Autumn...

Threadpainter said...

Hi Elle,
I greatly admire anyone who can de-clutter their home and especially when the man of the house is on board !
Great on you !