Friday, October 31, 2014

On the run!

I'm seem to be still settling into my new schedule.  A busy week ended with my grand kiddie #2 and I making a run into the city.

She wants to knit her mother a dress for Christmas!  :O   I bought two versions of the spool knitter and some wool and some embellishing yarns.  There are way too many choices in this shop!

Then she was off to the car to separate her stuff out.  I had to explain that the 'expensive' yarn was mine.  She did leave me one spool knitter.  The plainer one of course.  LOL

Then we were off for lunch.  Chapters!  I managed to conceal a kit for bracelets that uses a spool while she checked out a dozen other 'must haves'.  :O    I'll peak at the bracelet directions and save it for later.  I hope!

Slightly rested, we then went to look for new winter boots for me.  uhm, I think they are forecasting more than a skiff of the white stuff!  LOL  The ones I chose are a whole lot more functional!!!

As  soon as the car stopped she raced into the house, up the stairs and examined the loot!  There goes the directions!  I hope she keeps the play doh somewhat separate. 

And now that she is somewhat settled, I am sipping my coffee, checking out my magazine that has an article from Vicki at Field Trips in Fiber.  I have been field tripping but I haven't done much with her Drunkard's Path Quilt Along.  The new boots fit into the fall wardrobe nicely and I did a somewhat coordinated homemade journal for the second month of fall.  Hopefully I can keep running and do a bit of catch up.  


Vicki W said...

I'd be a total sucker for that cute face. I'd buy her anything she wanted!

Jo Vandermey said...

Ooh all the colors in those pictures are yummy!
What fun to have such a partner in shopping.
Looks like you both will be busy!

Jo Vandermey said...

What magazine are you reading....

Createology said...

Time with your little is so precious. She is uberdorable. Love all the new inspirations and supplies. So happy you are enjoying your new schedules. Creative Bliss Dear...