Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Series restart!

I have tried, and tried.  But I just cannot get into these houses.  I like houses.  I wanna do a series on houses.  But THESE aren't turning my crank.  I think they are too traditional and I'm not seeing how to up their value to more modern sensibilities.  They are also not the orientation I'd prefer.  Grouping them fritz's perspective.  One is lonely.  ???

I recently purchased Gwen Marston's Minimal Quiltmaking.  LUV it!  That would be a wonderful series to explore.

Elizabeth Barton's books are wonderful and I'd luv to take a class with her. 

But I can't get Katie's Inspirations in Design out of my mind. I have a few of her books.   I even had a look at grouping the houses!  lol 

I like the portrait orientation for working in.

But this looks good, too.  I'd need to face that bird inwards and maybe raise up the box or get a lower candle.  But I'm just about ready to get serious with lesson one!

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Vicki W said...

Oh, this will be awesome. Much better than houses. :)