Monday, March 30, 2015

to tell a story

Once upon a time there was a girl whose favourite Christmas gift was a doll  house with a real stairway and a working light.  My, the stories that happened in that house.  Stories were also acted out during the long summers as we all scampered over miles of rocky shore line.  Evenings were walks with Dad to the library and all the wonder of books.  Saturday afternoon movie matinees were stories big as life.  It was an idyllic childhood.

The child in me still wishes to tell stories.  The grown woman in me wants to do it masterfully with cloth and canvas,  fibre and paper,  and thread and brush.  Of course, the written word is essential.  But fact without a warm touch is as odious as fiction without an experience.  I shall be blogging with a "once upon a time'" mindset, rooted in the reality of what is and hopefully with a warm uplifting touch.  A fellow traveler on this journey once said, "Evangelize always and sometimes with words!".  I think he was a wise man.

I have been following The Textile Blog and John Hopper looks deep into the story.  I've learned a lot from him and I began to think about 'the why' of what I do.

I'm thankful that light goes well with story telling because I think I'm finally, really seeing the light!

I've been sorting out my story, identifying common threads and everlasting dreams.  I've been really thinking hard about the story teller.  I think my story is a travelogue.  :O

Once upon a time I made a double wedding quilt for my dd#2, a single size.  I think it must have worked. lol But that is her story.  Surprisingly I enjoyed the process and determined to do more.  I even bought the Plexiglas templates and cut out the backgrounds.  It would be a plain old fashioned story.  But time and wind blew the pages all about.  I grew as a creative person.  Then I crossed paths with Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  She does things different.  I was intrigued and when she published her DWR book I got it.  wow- She tells stories! Go see her blog as she's giving away a birthday present!   She has revolutionized how I am thinking about MY quilts.  I have done what was expected and old stacks of quilts show that.  They are somewhat boring, at least to me.  I DO have a story to tell as well.  A great story and it is different than printed patterns, fabric kits with only one or two of my own tweaks. :(  It is unique to me.  I have a great life!  Now,  how can I make that story ring!!!

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Createology said...

Hello and I am so glad to be back to read your blog. I always enjoy your stories you tell and depict. Your wit and dialect truly light up my day. Thank you elle dear...