Friday, March 13, 2015

ufo yoo hoo!

 How am I doing???

Glad this one is done and much as I don't luv it; I'm sure some baby girl will luv it.  :\  I tried not to over quilt it so it would remain soft.

This will be a spring pillow which I'm just going to try to matchstick quilt.  Pillows are a decorator's secret weapon apparently.  :O

I have been studying the half square triangle wall hanging top.  I don't want to wrinkle it but I need to get it off the design wall.  How to MQ it.  ???  Then I found a floral I was going to donate.  I could mq from the back and use the design as a mqing pattern all over the front.  :)

But as I'm about to pin it I realize I have it wrong way up for that and that would also be a pile of pins in the way.  :(  So I'm thinking. ---   This is such a busy top that maybe I need to do some more straight line stitching.  ???

The design wall is available for this project.  I'm not sure what this block is called.  I made a larger block size for my DS#1's wedding quilt and really enjoyed making it.  So I cut a smaller version.  Its hour has come!

This block will finish at five inches and the wall hanging will be as big as I have pieces for.  I do luv working away and seeing how each block adds to the whole. I'm sure I'll be arranging them in various arrangements until I just have to say enough, be done!  :)

I haven't seen DD#1 around lately and as this one will be for her I expect she should be around to see how its progressing.  ;^)

Yoo hoo?  Come out, come out, wherever you have yourself buried!


Createology said...

You are doing fabulous my friend. Every stitch you take is a stitch closer to being done. Lovely quilts...

Jo Vandermey said...

You have been busy!

Beth said...

Holy Cow!! What a lot of work you have been up to. Love everything even the bunny quilt. Bunnies deserve love too ya'know. Love the drunkards path piece and foe the one you pinned wrong, I did the same thing but flipped it and pinned it from the back so I could bobbin sketch!

Kimberly said...

Looks like good progress all the way around... I love the pink quilt at the top as well as the re-do of your son's wedding quilt. Both fabulous in their own ways!