Monday, March 2, 2015

I do NOT see...

The camera challenge.  I totally forgot all about it after I got the new software uploaded.  I breathed a sigh of relief and as the breath escaped so did the reason for doing it!  lol

So I missed the first deadline and the second challenge has been issued.  pant, pant!

I obviously have tried breathing too soon!  :( 

Anybody want to buy a camera!!!!!

I managed to load the photos on my lap top. :)   Then I brought up my blog post.  hmm, looks a bit different but what the hey...  I uploaded a photo.  Took forever!  Good thing I only did one.  Saved it.  Then just cause it is easier I switched back to the old computer and brought up the 'scheduled' blog post.  NO PHOTO!   :(

The above photo is with my trusty old point and shoot.  Now I'm googling for the possibility of finding a 'Dummy' book for this dummy!  Not the camera; me!  VBSigh

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