Saturday, February 28, 2015

February is busting out all over!

Distractability Factor was really up this month.  I'm not sure if it was the vitamins and green spring tonic or my arch enemy, Procrastination, but...

I got totally involved in a Spiffing Project that consumed me for about a week.  The results are very gratifying!

Straightening fabric stacks led to a full dismantle and major decisions on what fabric groupings were lukewarm and old what were hot and still pertinent.    Because I work with the seasons this should add some order to my UFO's.

I also learned that I need a written plan for all that needs to happen in the monthly time span.  I totally forgot the camera challenge and then I thought I had lots of time for the UFO's.  Not so!  :{

So right under the 'puter keyboard is my monthly calender page and I have the due dates recorded.  I also have used the scheduling aspect of blog posts to motivate me to get something in there before they self publish!   :0 

Unfortunately I have nothing actually finished.  :[  I had bought a new iron but it has been easier to keep on using the old one than learn how the new one works.  I spent the morning looking for the cd that came with it and finally did a you tube search because the boiler needs to be primed the first time its used. Its now ready and I do like it!  It is actually designed to sit flat so hopefully it won't be falling on the floor like the last iron was wont to do! 

It has an internal boiler and pressing all those seams was a snap!   I noticed the top was a bit wavy as it hung on the design wall.  

The iron has great steam and can be used like a steamer so I tried it and now the top looks great!  Next I need to decide what to do with it.  I doubt I'll add borders and then there is the quilting!  ???  I have no more of the multi print so it'll be a solid coloured binding.

This will be a baby quilt so I want it to be soft.  The binding went on and that new iron made pressing it a breeze.  I doubt it will even see pins! 

The newly spruced up playroom should have me strongly marching through ufo's in the next month!

My score remains the same because I haven't started anything new although fingering all those fabric stacks surely was tempting! 


Mary Ann Tate said...

You inspired me to toss out all my old sewing patterns. I won't be sewing anything for myself so why keep them. I'm retired so all those work related clothing patterns were just taking up space:)

Nita said...

That baby quilt looks very sweet and cuddly :). I am inspired to do some spiffing myself. But obviously not inspired enough to actually get at it...sigh. Maybe when it's warm enough to open the windows and let the sun shine in...

Jo Vandermey said...

I am not trying to do the spiffing all at once... More lie a box at a time. I did some consolidation yesterday but I still hav a way to do.
Your room looks amazing! Here's to March and a new month start!