Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Getting serious with the series

I blogged my intentions for the series project. While I may indeed have been excited,  I am now scared!  :(

We have been fully engaged in stall mode. Everything is clean, I've started the ufo's and I've thumbed a few pages in the books.  I  thought I'd do the photography challenge first but it is taking  forever for the new camera software to upload.  This just won't do so I will be starting as I type this post.  Ha!  Can't wait to see what I put down!  ;^)

 I'm not sure I want this horizontal orientation and it is a pile of details although I do like the perspective aspect..

Another possibility is that I could split them up.  Do one or another or even one of each.  :O

 These are canisters I got at a thrift shop and I really like them but not for such mundane things as flour and sugar!  lol
The detail is pretty simple and what I'm looking for is sketching options.

The smallest one is challenging with the bow window.   It is kinda cute though!

Hmm, I like the bit of detail on the corner so I may angle it a bit. It is the only one with that feature.   I shall sleep on it and come up with some sketches for part B!

If I'm going to be trying different things I should have some kind of continuity.  This isn't about realism so I'm thinking this fabric will be good for the sky/background.  I've lots if I make some mistakes!  :(

The last art day we had gave me an opportunity to get everybody sketching.  We all picked a  house and had at it with water soluble pencils.  I find them pretty inspiring actually!  :)  

Time to get serious.  Time to commit!


Vicki W said...

You are giving your grands such a wonderful gift with so much art exposure!

Createology said...

Oh I do like your thinking about the cannisters. No...not for staples like flour and sugar. Aha...art inspiration and drawing experiences. The results of Art Day with the Littles is very fun and quite well done! Hooray for ART!!!

Jo Vandermey said...

Your inspiring!

Threadpainter said...

Love listening to you as you think through the possibilities ... great stuff ! ;)

Seth said...

Love those sketches!

Nancy said...

I could step right into one of these canisters in a magical world, and be quite happy. No wonder they are your inspiration! Thanks for following my blog. Elizabeth's interview has brought some new friends there! I'm off to see what else you've been up to. Loving your sewing and craft space. And I see you and I are a lot alike- lots of projects in the works all at once!