Monday, February 23, 2015

What is it about me and spring???

I tackle gigantic projects, make major messes,  buy impulsively, and things still seem to come together.   Heck, Spring inspires me! :)  Not that it is here exactly but I'm feeling the sighs as winter takes its last gasps.

I was half way through the spiff up when I went into the scrap book store here in our wee town.  Shelving for sale!  Wire cubicles.  Good price.   Sealed the deal.  Then I kicked myself all the way home.  Where would I put them???  I'm 'supposed' to be saving money as DD#1 wants me to come visit!  We can spend her money decorating her apartment.  lol  But after a good nights sleep I had an idea!  What else is new!!!!  I have a tall but small utility cupboard and a bookcase in the playroom closet.  Actually I have a lot of stuff stashed in that closet and none is real handy.  :O

The Rooster insisted on working on a carpet and with good light, not something the wee closet has.  I wanted him to add a bit more but he was right (as usual) and they barely made the journey up the stairs and around the corners.  He was able to add one to the very top as the closet has a sloped ceiling.

Then bless his heart, he added my wall files.   I have to find a place to store the door as it opens the wrong way for getting all the good stuff out for current projects.  But this is way handier than the jumble I had before.

I'm still tweaking.  He tells me the wire may not hold all my books that were under the slope and hard to find so I am diddling a bit with options because now they are like long lost friends and I want to see and use them! 

So in spite of freezing cold minus 33 Celsius (not including windchill) and  that wicked wind finding every crack and gap in this old farm house, I have 'another' project underway in the Coop and Saucer Playroom. 

Now it isn't quite spring and as I sort quilt books and regroup fabric projects I have time to think.

1)  If I sent away the garment fabrics why am I hesitating over the garment sewing books.  :(

2)  If the spring decor projects which are simple and more modern,  come together so easily;  then maybe I am over complicating summer, fall and winter.  :0

3)  If this is all the square footage there is, then maybe what doesn't fit does NOT need to stay.  :[

So that said I gave myself only today to reduce the whole house plan to one section per season.  The weather is getting rather yukky so I doubt the light will hold for the last season, winter, to be shelved for a final photo.  I actually have breathing room and a typical accessory to remind me to stay on track.  I have several groupings that much as I like just don't go with the flow and that I kinda hate to break up.  So I'll stash them for possible future gifts.   

Looks like spring will be a while arriving but I'm surely cheering it on and I'll be ready to leap into any project! 


Nita said...

Consider it practice for when you are living in a much smaller house someday! You need to be creative with storage options and ruthless with what you keep. I can relate to the lost books. I gave away nearly all of my non-crafting books when we moved because I knew I wouldn't have room for them. Now I think I could of probably managed if I'd kept my favourites. I miss my entire Lucy Maude Montgomery collection the most. Sigh. Guess thats what libraries are for.

Mary Ann Tate said...

The hubby declared today that it's time to throw stuff out. Ha! It's all his junk not mine. Why this sudden decision? Our neighbour listed their house for sale yesterday and sold it today for quite a lot of money. I think we will finally be downsizing :)

Createology said...

While I was dusting and vacuuming you and Mr. Rooster were wire sculpting. Great storage containers! Creative Bliss while you await Spring...