Monday, February 2, 2015

Fixing up to Bust out

The Coop and Saucer Playroom was first purposed to be my sewing room.  Over time an whole lot of other hobbies came to play and some have even stayed.  It had actually got to the point where sewing kinda got crammed into one corner and wet and wild began to rule the roost!   Having lots of various interests isn't necessarily a bad thing but it turns out that too many options and too much visual clutter cripples my creativity.  It took some time to figure out what was causing my mojo to race around in circles with not to many finished products to show for the flying feathers.  I think all those itches have been scratched and the best of the good has been identified and priorities have been set.

My Nina, my sewing, my fabric have been given the prime real estate!   They have centre stage.

Thanks to the Rooster for settling Nina nicely into her spot.  He does take care of his chicks.  LOL  The large and smooth sewing surface facilitates general sewing, piecing and most importantly machine quilting.  This arrangement means I am  ready for sewing  and quilting just about any time.  :)

I even sat down to try the stool and everything feels quite comfortable.  Who knew an elbow rest was a treat!  :O  The free hand system doesn't quite work but the little button is just as handy for raising the presser foot.

I also managed to get rid of a bit more of the non essentials which reduces the visual clutter and encourages my creativity.

The three sets of wall files have a place in the closet as soon as the Rooster figures out how to reinforce the old and brittle tongue & groove boards that comprise the walls.

Sew-    my UFO  Busting  is nil for January.  I seem to like working under a handicap!  :(   But I shall be making up the deficit as I  am feeling the urge to quilt in ways I just haven't during the past couple of years.  Woo hoo!   And finding a good sewing set up was definitely a very old unfinished project. 


Margaret said...

Your sewdio is looking great, Elle! Here's to fabric fun, and continued colourful creativity! (And give that Rooster of yours an extra hug; he sure deserves it for his hard working support of your passions!) :-)

Createology said...

Hugs to your Rooster for getting your space situated with working surfaces. It is fun to try lots of different mediums to see what we really prefer. I always come back to fabric as my favorite. Happy Quilting My Friend...Nina has been very patient.

Threadpainter said...

Hi Elle,
For some reason my messages aren't being posted, but I did say that I liked your new sewing nook and that you should be able to lose yourself in your sewing here very easily ;)