Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dreaming Big, Bigger, Biggest

I am a dreamer!  No doubt about it.  I am such a dreamer that when I get bored with a dream I just start a new one.  This actually leads to nightmares so I have had to have my Prince Charming aka The Rooster, give me a kiss and an accountability list!  LOL

The biggest dream yet is that all this downsizing has led to a new dream.  We need a smaller farm.  A quarter mile driveway, a 100 foot walk, a ten acre lawn, an old farm house with needs and three floors of stuff and the only bathroom is not on the same floor as the bedrooms, etc....!  Well,  it is all very tiring.  Hardly leaves time for playing!

So the biggest dream is a more efficient home in a smaller rural setting.

The slightly smaller dream, the bigger,  is to have the old farmhouse painted up, styled and ready for sale.  I have been wanting to redo every room for a few years now but the scope of juggling an ambitious colour scheme has been somewhat daunting.  I then get frustrated and just like Maria in The Sound of Music I start all over again at the very beginning and run at it again. But I never really finish anything of lasting consequence.  So I am no longer dreaming in techno colour.  It'll be a neutral backdrop and the COLOUR will be my seasonal accessories, my quilts and my fibre art.  My reward for staying on task will be promissory notes from my dearie to tackle something on MY to-do list.  Believe it or not this is a BIG carrot for me as his priorities aren't the same as mine.  lol

So that bigger dream is to have a freshly painted house, with a colour theme flowing throughout and my very own art on display. 

I have lots of quilts that I want to make but there has always been something special about having a gorgeous embellished quilt.
So the big dream and the one that has started all this 'make your dream a reality' is that winter crazy quilt for the foot of my bed!  

The whole dreaming project started with Vicki asking us to link up our Big Dream project so we could inspire and encourage one another.  Mine is a crazy quilt.

I had two colourways  to chose from.  Tackling my options made me consider that the master bedroom also needed painting.  Sticking to the more neutral wall colors, considering the furniture and the new lighting fixtures should help me to decide which colourway.  Deep and rich or soft and warm.  ???

Then the break through. 

I've been following along with Bonnie's 15 Minute Spiff Up.  This week is to tidy the fabric stash.  Mine is not too bad but some of the stacks are leaning on one another and some stuff has been kinda stuffed in.  While spiffing I found my inspiration!

I tend to group future fabric ideas into plastic shoe boxes.  Some need emptying because I've moved on.  This yard of the Feelings Collection from art gallery quilts is IT!  During the white and cold winter I want colour and richness.   I've also determined the block size.  Four nine inch blocks on the diagonal sit across the width of the bed.  I have a boxed set of 16 fq's of Silk Dupioni.  I can dye cotton velvet and I've some fancy fashion fabrics.  There are lots of coordinating silk ribbons from an old project.  :)  Its a dream of a project.  :)

Vicki had said that the project needn't only be a quilting project.  And it was fine to post anything that helped move the dream along.  That got me thinking. I've learned that multi tasking is not for me.  I am NOT multitasking.  I'm combining!  :)

Here are my dreams and my progress:

A big dream:   I have a plan for my lap sized crazy quilt which consists of a block size, a fabric palette, coordinating thread, and ribbons.  I shall be asking the Rooster to hold me accountable to a stitching schedule.  I'm thinking eight o'clock to nine most nights.  Hmmm, I think I better make some blocks first though!  :O

A Bigger Dream:  My home must reflect me.  I was making it way too complicated and I now know I was mixing clean and dirty.  I'm heading towards clean and hopefully will make better choices.  The Rooster is stirring himself from the winter hibernation and has declared the kitchen is scheduled for March first.  He is NOT a dreamer and is very motivated.  The kitchen will be neutral, clean and simple!  oh!  The Rooster cooks so he is very involved in function.  I shall be trying to maintain a lovely form!  ;^)  I have a few shoe boxes with place mat ideas.  lol

I'm quite busy with the UFO Busting but IF I have the urge to start something new I have a plan for the other three lap quilts for the master bedroom!  :)    Four shoe boxes, a paint plan and fibre art!

THE BIGGEST DREAM is still a few years off but the Rooster is in charge.   The animals have gone and the machinery mostly sold so that leaves time to finish the yard clean up.  The barns are on his 'hit' list for this year.  But we have a couple of months before the grass greens up to work in the house.  My Prince Charming has his Sleeping Beauty up behind him and we are off to chase the dream!  We are a good combination!!!


Threadpainter said...

I hear you ! Lovely post ... here's hoping your BIG dream comes quicker than expected.
We, too, should be moving along but our house is the one he was raised in ... sentimentality rules the roost here ... I'm ready to move on ;)
Beautiful colour schemes, elle.

Margaret said...

May your dreams be sweetly realized, elle! And those fabrics are totally yummy!!

Vicki W said...

Oh gosh I love the color palette for your new quilt!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is a great dream, and I love the color choices. You may have finally settled on a focus for your entire house. Now putting the plan in action! Hope it works out well, because I know you are motivated.

Createology said...

Your Rooster sounds a lot like my Mr. C in the fact that he is motivated and moves forward without waste. I tend to meander and get easily distracted. Downsizing is what we are headed towards. Lovely dreams my dear...

Nita said...

Good morning! Just stumbled on your blog. We retired, downsized and moved to an entire new province last year. What an adventure! It has been a challenge learning to live in such a small space, but I love a challenge, and we are loving our new home.