Friday, March 20, 2015


Focus for the year is mMe-  make it mostly elle.  I am looking at the spring season that lies ahead.

Health-  making improvement and feeling like I can leap, spring up and over tall buildings, well, maybe make that jump over stacks of stuff, in a single bound.  lol

Wealth- I am rich in supplies, ideas, time, and techniques.  Now is not the season to squander or hoard.  Spend it!

Wisdom.-  Learning never stops but understanding what to do with what you know...  ah, I'm starting to 'get it'!  And one of the benefits of being a slow learning and doing and redoing over and over is that I am finally getting the why of what wasn't just right. 

The whole house colour theme is a triad.  Red, yellow, blue but not in the primary hues. 

The whole house spring palette helps keep me focused.  The focus is on the aqua blue which tends towards green.  I am ready for the whites to be clean and not slushy, dirty.  I am anticipating the bits of yellow green that first emerge.  The sun has been clear and cold so I'm wanting some golden sunshine!

In an attempt to make it me,  I am inspired by The Altered Page's Living With Art.  So I'm shopping my art and realizing most of my stuff is too small.  I need to go bigger, bolder.  eek!   If I do groups then I could go smaller, I guess.  But I'm learning.  If I sit in a particular chair, what do I want to see, experience?  Now really look, does it fill the space?  not usually! But I'm working on it.

This whole pre spring week has been quite busy.  I have decided the cranberry in my colour scheme is going to be a minor player so I painted the red hutch.  I ran out of paint but I am liking the slightly distressed look.  I am thinking the final kitchen wall colour will be a medium taupe.  I'm losing the beiges.

Then the cream jelly cupboard was just so blah so I used up all my robin's egg blue on it and I'm thrilled.  The Rooster insists on piling his stuff on this cupboard so I was forced to give him a bigger basket so everything stays IN the basket.  This created a design problem but if I centre the cupboard a bit better I think the bird cage works.

I painted up the old coffee bar.  A peak into the sitting room shows I also swapped out yellow curtains for white ones.  I may put them back for fall and winter to add coziness.  (As I'm checking before I push publish I realized I found the teacup wall hanging from last spring and as soon as I figure out how to fix it better to the fridge it'll be back up.  A bit beige but it works. 

I propped the pantry door up as we haven't finished it all yet.  The back wall will be a white subway tile.  I found the perfect wooden shelf/plate rack in the Ikea catalogue that I  can't wait to get for that picture area. Two glass doored uppers will flank it.  :)  We have a big white farm sink for the bottom.
I feel like I'm on the right track with the white as the beige valance did nothing but trying out this white impresses me!  :)

The bathroom shower curtain quilt still works and who cares if there are a few bleached spots from cleaning!  ;^)

I try to have a mix of mirrors, pictures, wall art, and my own art.  I want one quilted thing in each room.  I have my new pillow and while the old lap quilt works I'm looking forward to making another with some of the pillow fabrics.

I'm feeling like this canvas that I did is a bit small and a bit bright.  I'll be thinking about a better substitute.

The front room wall hangings that I've done are too small.  I think I'll do four, one for each season and make them worthwhile.  There are always place mats or table runners.  I'll be doing more pillows as well.   Those are fun!

The hall needs major work.  I pulled nails, decluttered and my favourite 'small' wall hanging works!  :)  This very old wall paper has seen its day so next time I get the urge to paint, I think this will be the room!

The rest of the spring rejuvenation will have to wait a bit while I check for dandelions.  Sh!  I don't believe they have 'sprung up' just yet!  Happy spring.  :)


Leanne said...

It sure looks good at your house!

Margaret said...

Your whole home is Sunny and Bright! Love it!

Vicki W said...

Your home is so beautiful! Would you please come do mine?

What Comes Next? said...

It is all looking great Elle! You are so adventurous, and it is paying off!

Nita said...

I love the robin's egg blue jelly cabinet. I'm going to paint a bookcase that colour. I've been slowly reading a book called Soul Space: creating a home that is free of clutter, full of beauty, and inspired by you. Sounds like you don't need to read've already got it going! said...

Good to 'meet' you and I'm looking forward to the Crazy Quilt class - thanks for your comments. Gilli

Createology said...

Love all the changes you have made. White curtains are fresh and bright which will let glorious sunshine indoors. Robin egg blue is making me swoon! Spring Bliss Dear...

Threadpainter said...

I wish I had half your energy !!
Your ideas sound great and your house looks so pretty and fresh. Have fun !

Beth said...

What a lovely welcoming home and I love your work on the walls!!