Friday, May 22, 2015

Catching the dream

Our wind is still decidedly cool but we are on our way to hot!  It is time to let the wind blow all the spring dreams into reality.

For Art 101 my gal taught us about dream catchers and how to make them.  What a great time we had! 

Josh chose earth colours.  The legend tells of a boy who visited his grandmother while she was busy with her hand work and saw a spider.  He attempted to squash it.  But his grandmother said not to hurt the spider.

The spider had been watching the grandmother and thanked her for saving its life.

The spider gave her a gift. The dream catcher hangs near a sleeper and the bad dreams flow through and out the centre opening while good dreams are caught and saved in the web. 

They were quite fun and actually relatively easy to do.  My DD#2 and two of her kids are left handed which makes demonstrating  a bit of a challenge but once we got the rhythm we were weaving away.

And now it is time to turn some of my garden dreams into reality with a shovel, some compost and a variety of plants. I'm going to weave a white garden today.   hmmmm, perhaps I need to add a dream catcher to catch some nice gentle gusts while those bug blowing breezes are sent bye bye!  :O


Threadpainter said...

Love the legend !
Looks like the kids enjoyed that class ;)

Createology said...

Wonderful legend and beautiful dream catchers. I think you should make one for the White Garden. It would be fun to make with that plastic lacing so the rain wouldn't ruin it. Make a really big one out of a hula hoop...Creative Bliss Gone Wild!

Margaret said...

I too knew the purpose of a dream catcher -- but not the legend. What fun you all had bringing it to life!