Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fits and Starts

April has been a fit and start kind of month.  The part time job had aspects of full time job.  sheesh! 
Then the computer had to go in and I got a new computer.  That has involved downtime and a learning curve which is still curving. 
We had a short time away for a church retreat advance which was absolutely delightful. lovely BSigh.  :)
Came home to some kind of hack on the FaceBook account.  :(  Had hardly put the suitcase down when DS#3 phoned to ask why Fb was asking him for a friend request.   argghhh!
I figured to get a quick racy start on Monday but the Rooster had taken an extra day off and we were in the city doing errands.  May I say clothes shopping is not my favourite activity and shopping for men with The man is even worse!  We also were investigating the options for the grand son and I to take a little trip together.  So that looks like something Josh and I can be looking forward to this summer.
Today I will be fine tuning some computer stuff as my server and my/the Rooster's basic e-mail account are having issues.  I also have laundry and all that kind of fun stuff.  It does look like spring is well under way.  The leaves are budding.  The garden is  ready for planting.  The Rooster has this year's yard plan in place and the trees and shrubs should be arriving any day.  :) In fact this is the first year ever we are actually ahead of the dandelions!!! 

So as the vacuum revs up sew will my creative juices.  woo hoo!


Createology said...

Busy is what I am understanding with May and this list you have going on. Clothes shopping with a man is definitely not fun. Josh and you taking a trip together sounds like a "grand" time. Planting and yard work and laundry are all necessary and rewarding in the end. Blissful days to you dear...

Threadpainter said...

Sounds like you have been as busy and MIA as myself ! I DO believe Spring is finally here !
Good luck with your new computer ;)