Friday, May 15, 2015


Darn!  I decided that Josh needs a journal to record his trip.  So I stopped for a brief moment at the  scrapbook store.  First slip.

I got home and immediately spread it all out and divided up the new stuff and my stash supply into days/categories.  We are now into full planning mode!  :[

 :O  I woke up this morning and realized the trip is about the trip and not about complicated journals. vbsigh.  I'll have to go back and get one of those little Smash books that have a wee pen with a glue stick on one end.  I'll give him a little baggie a day with some 'stuff' in it to do whatever his heart desires. :}    I have dusted myself off,  tightened my laces and I'm trying the trail again.  Today is my CPR course and I'll need the new skills when I tell the Rooster about my little accident!  Ha, it was only a sprain and not a broken Patootie!

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Createology said...

Oops it must have been the GPS in your car as it only knew to stop at said store in the past. Josh will be very happy with his journal and supplies. Mr. Rooster's feathers will smooth out...