Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Progress: pacing myself

These fits and starts are down right tiring and very irritating.  I wish I wasn't such a squirrel, dashing here and there and dropping nuts all over.  But the mountain of plans projects is ever on the horizon so while the squirrel is having a nap here is the itinerary for the coming month.

The Rooster has finally bought some new feathers and though the mending pile gets its own space that isn't photo worthy, at least until after I get them all hemmed.  Note to self- next go round find a significant other with a ready to wear pant size!  ;^)

The top of the mountain is weathered in but it covers my big dream.  I dream of making a crazy patch lap quilt for the end of our bed.  Having discovered that I may be lacking in some skill to actually do this climb I have joined a class and have been gathering some supplies for the test block.  I'm not too sure where the squirrel led me for the month of April but I think I see a break in the cloud cover.

 I've enrolled in Kathy Shaw's free crazy quilt course.  Beginners!   I am gathering my supplies and I am determined to catch up asap!  The new 'puter resulted in my losing my supply list and instructions but I'm reconnected and ready to go now.

Now this series has been an enlightening journey. This particular path has gotten a bit convoluted but I'm determined to keep the forward motion going.

The first recommendation for working in a series of quilts is to make a traditional quilt.  I have on my to-do list a summer lap quilt for our bedroom.  :)  But before I slice away I should figure out a block size that makes the best use of my collection of fabrics.  Have I mentioned how much I hate figuring the math.  Invariably it'll be wrong but nothing ventured...

The whole point of ufo busting is to get things done so I can come up with a whole bunch of new ones!  ;^)   This isn't even a hike, a climb, or a full fledged expedition.  This is the daily walk.  :O

DD#1 has invited me to come help decorate her new condo.  Forget walking;  this is the kind of project I skip right into!  Since we are starting with builder beige it would be good to take along a few options for review.  And I do have  few options!  ;^)

Indeed I do have a thing or two to keep me moving right along!  And when I'm in need of a change of scenery there is always all the wet stuff I can apply to fabric and paper but that is for the painting post!


Beth said...

I'm tired just reading your post!!!!

Jo Vandermey said...

Enjoy the journey! Keep on climbing.

Createology said...

How lovely for you to help DD1 decorate her new condo. Climbing is not my forte however I do believe you will reach that mountain top and sail along with the breeze. There is nothing stopping your progress...