Friday, June 19, 2015

We aren't lost. We're exploring!

Joshua's favourite spot in the car was the middle of the back seat so he could monitor the GPS.  On the plane and the train he poured over the emergency measures charts and was rather disappointed we didn't use the emergency shoot on exiting. :P  He luvs maps.

Before we started the road trip and because all work and no play makes Jack Josh a dull boy we did do a few fun things before we started the turn for home.

There was a trip (or two) to a great garden centre with fabulous home decorating options.  The gold fish were huge!

We took time for picnics.  okay, so the table was totally covered with stuff. lol

This was a very cool sundial in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

You can't visit Alberta without encountering dinosaurs.  It was a great interactive museum and we just found the last scavenger hunt item when a school bus rolled up and delivered a school field trip of sixty youngsters.  phew!

Once we were on the road we set our sites for the big mall in Edmonton and a big as life pirate ship!  Then we hauled anchor for my brother's and a birthday party for his grandson.  Joshua got to meet cousins!

A fuel stop for the car as we ourselves were quite full of birthday cake, and we turned our spyglass towards the mountains.

With a little help from the lady in the GPS we found our accommodations.  Don't cha just luv faerie lights!

There were lots of sweet colourful bikes everywhere and with baskets!  Josh stocked up on jellybeans while we picked up a few 'necessities'.  ;^)

Some things he didn't find as sweet as others!   lol

Actually seeing natural blue waters amazes me.  The scenery is wonderfully inspiring.

Having lost a day to properly finishing up the decorating, we had to step up the pace as we explored the park.  These tunnels allow the wildlife a safe route from one side of the highway to the other.

 The train station in Jasper was our final stop in the park.

This is actually a rather busy and very attractive station.

Our train arrived and two hundred passengers disembarked into waiting tour buses.  :0

Josh got an extra engine to help out in case of need.  We said our goodbyes and gave thanks to our excellent hostess and chauffeur!

The mountains are wonderfully exhilarating.   But there is something about big skies and wide open spaces that are indeed a great welcome home. 

oh, and  as an important aside. 

Because our seats were beside an emergency exit window Josh listened carefully to the instructions for breaking the window.  After examining everything he assured me that as he sat next to the window he would take care of any 'emergency measures'.  :)  I do wish he had discovered how the leg rests and foot stool worked before we settled down for the night rather than the next afternoon. :{  The train decided to make up for some lost time due to heavy freight schedules during our time in the dining car which made eating interesting but the food was delicious and pretty classy.  We very much enjoyed our time away and the various modes of travel.  I do think the train was the best though.

And now to get the photos into Josh's journal so we don't lose any of those exploring memories.


Createology said...

What a wonderful trip you and Josh had!!! It is interesting and thankful to see how Josh takes great care to listen and follow directions (I would need him as my travel guide!). The train trip looks like a fabulous way to see the countryside. Precious Memories Dear...

Margaret said...

You had such fun and so many adventures that I'll forgive you for not letting me know you were going to touch down in Edmonton. It's 1 1/2 hours'drive from here and if I'd known and could have...I would have driven up to say "hi"...

Great choice to go on to Banff!


Beth said...

What a wonderful trip and your "documentation" will last a lifetime!!