Friday, June 5, 2015

zipping things up

The journal is ready to go.  The back pack is ready to be loaded and zipped up for the trip. 

Each day Josh will get a zip lock bag with supplies.  Some days are preplanned and have appropriate stuff.   I will give him the use of my old camera and we'll see what he shall see!
I have tried for a variety of things to keep the interest up.   What he doesn't use can be for the 'open' days.

I also wanted to include lots of pockets for ephemera as we go along.   This book has a bit of a nature theme that I tried to make fit the various locations.

We'll be mostly in the province of Alberta.  Its flower is the wild rose which is common here in Manitoba as well.

I personalized the questions with word stickers more appropriate for a seven year old.  This layout is about going south and winding up our time with Laura.

We will visit my brother and we are also invited to a young cousin's birthday party.  He has the present in his bag.

I don't know what wildlife we will see but I figure a bird is a definite!  lol  I also found some old postcards that will prepare him a bit for Banff and Jasper. 

We'll study the province between Alberta and our home province from the train's Skyline car.  Note the post card from Monika who blogs at My Sweet Prairie .  Her post card is so typical of the endless Saskatchewan prairie.  The provincial flower is a tiger lily.  I'll be watching for what the provincial animals are.  We have the buffalo and our flower is the crocus.

Soon  after  crossing into Manitoba the flatness gets more of a roll and the bush gets bushier!   On our side of province we have more rocks, water and forests.  He'll see the landscape change from the air as we go west and see it close up and flat as we return east.  I hope all the zippered packages inspire him to zip up some memories!   Joshua sends his regards-   Joshua  Gomez  :-)   

And that should hold everyone until I have something  more to show as Josh and I help his Tia Laura add some zip to her apartment! 


Glenda in Florida said...

Hi Elle--I wanted to pop in and wish you a very Happy Birthday tomorrow. It sounds like you have a lovely adventure planned. I'm on an adventure now too, and will end the month of June with two days in Waterton Park, just north of the US Glacier National Park in Montana. It will be my first trip to Canada. In the mean time we have lots to see and do in the USA before then. We bought a new small camera too. Great minds think a like.

Beth said...

What a wonderful fun journal you created, Have a great trip!!

Threadpainter said...

Hi Elle, I have just caught up with what's new with you (been slacking in the blogger dept) and I see a wonderful trip is in your forecast ... AND ... it's your birthday ! ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Elle !
Have a safe and adventure-filled holiday !

Createology said...

Elle Dear you and Josh have safe travels and the most wonderful trip ever. I know he will love all the preparations and goodies you have for him daily. Now I will visit your post reading backwards as I was without internet last week and it was miserable for me. Creative Travel Bliss and June JOY.