Friday, July 31, 2015

A change is as good as a rest!

Rooster work is happening!  We almost got heat stroke one day but then we got a good thunder storm and the wind has made working outside bearable.  :)

I had fencing pliers but they were taken away due to lack of progress.  Now the Rooster is an amazingly focused and motivated boss but he tends to lose tools during the working frenzy.  I usually get him to check his pockets. lol  I did find those pliers when they went missing.     We are also looking for another long lost pair and his favourite lederman as we  remove old fence lines and plow through long grass.  Notice the rubber boots!  I have walking shorts on and rubber boots.  It makes for an interesting tan!  :(

The big barn is scheduled for a new hair do and some lipstick.  We should be done outside work today and can move into the barn.  We'll clean.  AGAIN!  :(  And start patching and putting back some windows in those boarded up areas.  A new door for my future workroom is also in the plan!  woo hoo!

All behind the barns is gonna need leveling but that won't involve me.    The smaller barn will get painted next year.  That'll be a piece of cake compared to the big one.  yikes!   I was having trouble with the thought of a bright 'barn' red but barn paint also comes in that pinky brown which is its original colour so that really makes me happy.  I've already googled a cool set of doors that Rooster says works fine!  :)  By golly, we are gonna stop traffic!  lol

The Rooster bought a yard tractor when he sold his field equipment.  It is sure saving our backs!  Then he got  a pull behind mower for it.  When I think of the days of my life spent pushing and then riding on my wee lawn mower I could just kick something.  He roars around for a couple of hours while I try to avoid being run over as I trim.  We our done the main yard in a couple of hours. sheesh Talk about progress!  But now I can rest, right!

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Createology said...

Wow you really do have a beautiful parcel of property. I can see all the maintenance that is involved and admire you and your Rooster for keeping up with it all. I do love an old barn with all its character. Painting a that might be more than I could manage. Are you sure the "weathered" look isn't in? Summer Smiles and Fun Tan Lines Dear...