Monday, September 12, 2016

Phase one accomplished

The guest room was ready for my guests.  Not that ones kids are guests, but you get my drift.  I did notice I definitely have dull spots on the trim where I missed but the overall effect was good.

The Rooster readied the 'secondary' guest room for DD#1 and it seems it is cozy enough that she is happy to spend the last few days in it although DS#2 and his wife have vacated the 'primary' guest room. 

Come the first snowfall the Rooster and I will be going through each room to adjust all the bits that were overlooked in our rush to get everything finished.

Most of our family activities centre around the kitchen and meal planning.  And indeed we are blessed.

Even the one or two work projects centred around food.  The old freezer in the basement was removed.

Then the remaining one was topped up with cabbage rolls and stewed fruit.   The Rooster nixed the red berries I had found in the bush though. :O

Not exactly food related, but a reason to celebrate, the final pail of red barn paint was sprayed over the door, the north wall and the other barn. 

We finished up with a lovely campfire in the grand kiddies back yard. 

DD#1 and I shall do some retail therapy, finish up my sister's planner, load up some memorabilia and head out for phase 2. 

I expect I'll be back for regular programming in October.  They do say normal is only a setting on the dryer. Alas, I only have a clothes line!  LOL


Createology said...

Your home looks lovely and cozy. Family time is such precious time. Looks like everyone is having a good time and making lots of memories. The barn looks stunning and perfectly Red. Take time dear to recharge your personal batteries. Hugs...

Jo Vandermey said...

Your home looks peaceful and happy! Family time is such a blessing.

Beth said...

That was a lot of work but it looks like it paid off well. Isn't it great to have your family around you!!

Frances Arnold said...

Such a fun gathering!!! It looks as if all of your hard work paid off with enjoyment for everybody!! I like your "normal' fits our family!!!