Thursday, September 1, 2016


I think my sister needs a planner!  :-)

I understand that the adult colouring craze is very beneficial to one's well being.  So I began to collect some coloring pages that she might like and some colouring materials.

I thought loose pages in a nice binder might be good.   And who can resist some cute accessories.

I am not sure that she would delve deeply into planning but a bit of a diary might add something to her life as well as add some clues as to just how she spends her time.

The white binders are great for personalizing by slipping in a decorative sheet for the front cover.  I think I will get a bigger size as the one inch is already full!

Scattered Squirrel offers free printables.  I found the best results for clear, clean pages without too much thickness to be with coloured paper that have a white back.  It IS necessary to know how to position the paper for copying.  lol  Ask me how I know!

Now I really need to apply the KISS principle.   This needs to be cheery and easy to use.  So I really tried not to clutter it up with cuteness.

Now, where was I.  oh yah;  scraping the oopses off the floor!


Beth said...

looks like fun!!!!

Threadpainter said...

That sounds like such a good idea for a sister ... and so personalized by you. If she doesn't already journal, she will now !

Createology said...

Such a thoughtful and pretty gift for your sister.

Frances Arnold said...

Wonderful idea for a gift!!!