Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reviewing Summer's Theme

Summer's theme this year was visitors: the preparing, the visiting and the recovering.  ;^)

The house was made presentable.  The upstairs is all painted and just needs some fine tuning and a few touch-ups.

 The farm buildings were decluttered and the yard received more TLC as the weather and time permitted.

 The barns are all painted.

Word got out that we are preparing for selling and relocating so we got lots of visitors this summer.

My DD#1 and I were supposed to go shopping for wardrobe additions and accessories.  We stalled out at the bookstore.  :/

Laura and I went off to visit an old friend and she persuaded me to stop by the cemetery where my grand parents  and uncles are buried. Thank goodness for GPS!

The old church was open and I was amazed to find mention of my great grand parents as well as my grand dad's baptism. 

My sister's health has deteriorated. She also is making a move so I hitched a ride with DD#1 who was driving by on her own way home.  Here we are leaving the main street of the town nearest to where I live.

We had dinner in the city where my sister will be moving.  The old house has tours and a lovely restaurant.  It also has a resident ghost.  Gee, it must have took my picture!!!

I returned by bus and took the first day off to finish up my book series and peruse my new books. Now I need to look at the contents of my suitcase, my photos, and my planner.  :O

I brought home some extras.  My niece has passed on to me old memorabilia that she comes across as she helps her mum downsize.  The Rooster is the one who is interested in his ancestors.   awk!  I didn't really want another hobby which was why I had given all the above to my sister when my parents downsized.  Timing really is everything because now my interest is piqued.  And, I do now have ephemera for my mixed media journaling!  ;^)  

She also included some memorabilia from not so very long ago!  I wasn't always a white, make that silver, old biddy!  lol

As summer winds down we should enjoy a slower pace.  I will be very happy to get back to other creative endeavours.

I am indeed itching to get back to my creative hobbies.  I also need to update my wardrobe which hanging around young folks inspires!  My niece says that we are 'hipsters'!  Shoot, now I need to update the Rooster's wardrobe as well.  ;^)

The grand kiddies are already back at homeschooling and I need to plan the art and creative literature lesson plans.

My sister is downsizing her considerable music collection which means I have some great music to motivate me. 

What's that you say?  Sorry, I can't hear you.  My music is loud and I'm grooving and moving!  :)


Createology said...

Good Heavens you certainly utilized every minute of Summer. Like you, my neighbors are all excited that we will be moving. Hmmm?
Your home and barn and property look beautiful. We are continuing our home "pimping". I hope you are able to rest and enjoy your new books.

Beth said...

That was a great "tour". Was that you in the mirror??

Mary Ann Tate said...

We are moving as well but not until spring. It's a big job sorting out 40 years of accumulated stuff. If you been caught by the family tree bug look out....it's addictive:)

Frances Arnold said...

I thought Summers were for relaxing and lying in the sun!!! Congratulations on all that you accomplished. When and where are you moving?