Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Definitely a snow day

This could be a two day blow.  Not terrible just a LOT of heavy white stuff.  The Rooster is catching up and some of my long standing to-do list.  :)

                           Last week's pages.  I do like the simpler look.

Art 101 had the grand kiddies working on their own planners but we gave a nod to the season and did a fun craft.  I'd gotten large wooden letters some time ago and we 'had at 'em' !

Josh's J has modge podged map pieces.

The girls prefer jewels.

I hurried home as the weather was developing and it is looking like a slow week with weather restrictions.  whoo hoo!


Nita said...

The perfect art project for a snow day. Good idea you had, picking those letters up when you did. I think I want one, too, lol! I'd decorate mine with seashells and bits of driftwood. Of course, that would mean a trip to the ocean...lalala!

Createology said...

I love the large letters and how each one has been embellished. Stay safe in all that snow.