Friday, November 19, 2010

Altered Book 101

It is VERY important to pick the right book. I thought I had it but then I began to read it and I won't be finished before I want to start which is now! It is a text book, Prose Discussion and the previous owner was Asian and has tiny neat character writing and notes on English definitions throughout.

So I had to go through my options; books I'd gotten at the thrift store. The book must be sturdy, have a sewn spine and have at least 300 pages. It should be in a size that is comfortable to work with.

My theme is *It is Just Me* and road maps seemed kinda neat so I considered Drive North America but there is a lot of dark edged road maps and a LOT of coloured pictures of places I have never visited. The Comprehensive Atlas of Canada and the World offered more subtle geographical maps and lots of black and white index pages and some neat photos but both books are quite large. A colorful book, The Complete Book of Bulbs, with full colour and glossy pages didn't have quite enough pages, and was really glossy. Another glossy book on Real Life Renovating seemed to fit my theme LOL but again, all those glossy pages. A smaller book, with daily readings, has text, and a header with the date at the top of each page which seemed perfect but darned if I could actually see the sewing in the middle of the signatures which are the sections of pages that are combined to make up the book. Glued pages don't work.
So I had to turn to the books I've actually bought. Now I luv books and I rather hate parting with them.
This book seemed to be SO important to have but I actually rarely use it. I have my favorites and I also have other resources. It is not too large and is in good shape, clean, not moldy.

The spine is sewn and seems strong.

I can actually find the thread in the middle of the individual signatures easily.

It is all black and white, a good staring point, ha, starting point. Blank pages, especially white are so intimidating and it won't due to stall and glaze over at the onset.

It has 551 pages. Seems a lot but we'll be ripping pages out.

Now quilting is a big part of my life these last 30 years. Shoot, half my life! There are lots of analogies that can be drawn from quilting. I'll probably kick myself at least once when I think to reach for this resource, but it'll probably be only once. ;~)

So that is the first step. A big one because it is not a good thing to do a whole lot of work and have things fall apart. Ready or not, here we go!


Createology said...

Excellent choice my dear. You will come to love your new project even more than you love this original very seldom used book. Happy creating...

Unknown said...

Good luck, have fun, and take your time... I have journals that are years old and I'm still working with them. :D

KatieQ said...

I can't wait to follow your progress with your altered book. My daughter and I took 2 workshops a few years ago and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the local stamp shop is no longer offering it. I was a little intimidated at trying some of the concepts on my own. Maybe someday I dig my supplies out again.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm glad to see you are off to a good start. When you tear out your pages, be sure to save them. You can use them in the book, especially ones that show photos and such that you might actually WANT to keep.