Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First lessons

There was a small blizzard on Sunday. First we had to shovel out.

But my daughter and I had planned a winter field trip for the kiddies on Monday. Our first. So hubby broke trail to work and I carried on to make a field trip happen. Who knew the Children's Museum of Canada was closed for renovations so we improvised. The welcome tourist area in an adjacent building is very kid friendly. Some of the displays have stuffed toy like animals and this bear has lost his paddle and wears a sign on his neck that says, Be Kind. Do not jump on the bear! We learned some useful first lessons. We'll be acquiring small back packs so our arms are free. We want to do one trip a season and live to tell about them.

While our trippers napped in the car I hit a fabric store for colour wheel fabrics. I took my colour wheel in and MATCHED. True green is not in vogue at the moment. I bought the only thing close and again the camera is not showing how well I did at matching.

I'd tried some of my colours for my double compliment convergence quilt in a black and white photo shoot and I really got confused. Value is such a puzzle to me. First appearance is not always what it seems. I'll be sharing more as I learn more about this convergence experiment.

So I started over with my whole stash and I really got on a roll. I'm short true reds and the best combo did not even have a whole FQ's worth of fabric. So that is why I decided to just go and get 12 one metre sized pieces.

I will need to dye my own colour wheel fabrics but I'm anxious to start work on my colour class.

Today I continued to sub for a friend as a companion to a young woman who works in a Thrift Shop in the morning and we field trip in the afternoon. It's amazing what people will give away and how cheaply quality items can be purchased for. I got 5 brand new double damask Irish linen napkins. I'll dye them. For lunch we went to the other end of the pay scale. Lovely country restaurant, wonderfully decorated and with a store that carries up scale decorating items. Maybe some will make their way thru the recycle system. vbsigh Another first lesson, good things come to those who wait. There is that patience word. ;)

I'm looking forward to staying at home for the rest of the week. Another lesson: you can't get things done if you aren't home to do them!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Staying home!! Now I know why I haven't been here. Yep, that's true. And I have many projects that require my time here before I can even begin working on some things I want to try. Wow, the effects of value in black and white. What a great contrast and comparison. Way to go!

Brandie said...

I can't believe some of the stuff I find at thrift stores. My lastest and favorite is a pink baby blanket that was crochet kinda like a huge granny square that starts white and works it's way through pinks to a hot pink ruffle at the end.