Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Great turn out for quilting last night and lots of challenges. All quite different but that is to be expected and definitely encouraged.

My art challenge viewed thru the camera caused me to add another line of machine stitching at the edge. I want to experiment more with this 'envelope edge' because it certainly is quicker. I think this method can lead to some problems with fullness but it is minimal if the size is kept down. Not for queen sized quilts that's for sure.

The small traditional quilt pleases me. I did not get the MQing done in the individual squares, mostly because I'm not sure what I'll do. So tonight I'll finish that up. Washing the traditional quilts makes them finally finished in my mind. The art quilts seem to look better smoothed flat.

The back is kinda fun and I'm luving using up all the fun bits from my stash cupboard that holds all the novelty, focus fabrics, or just those busy prints.
I'm always glad to have colour in my life, especially in the grey days of fall and spring.


Createology said...

Lots of fun in your quilting and fabrics. Happy quilting...

Unknown said...

Gorgeous, Ele. I love the observation that bed quilts aren't complete before a trip through the wash (I whole-heartedly agree!) and art quilts are best left unwashed. Astute. :D